Dems out of Control: Watch This High Profile Conservative Trigger Dems, Pushing them Over the Edge

Few have the ability to trigger a liberal like Marjorie Taylor Greene, but she may have even outdone herself with the massive meltdown that she triggered on Friday after a vote about nationwide abortion restrictions came before the lower house of Congress. 

According to a report in the Independent Journal Review, the last day of the workweek started like any other with Democrats looking to find more ways to kill and suppress the innocent and legalize abortion without restriction nationwide. House Democrats voted strongly in favor of the bill but Greene, a Republican from Georgia, got into a verbal dispute with Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan.

218 Democrats signed onto the Women’s Health Protection Act, which serves as the Democratic Party’s blanket license to kill for physicians all the way up to birth. While the bill would need a 60 vote majority in the Senate (something it doesn’t currently have the support for), that didn’t slow down the incensed Greene who had just witnessed more than 200 of her colleagues voting for a method of legalized death that has been so prolific it would have made Hitler blush with shame. 

During her interaction with Dingell on the steps of the Capitol building, Greene pushed back against the Michigan rep’s chastisement of Greene’s decorum. According to reports, including Business Insider, the Democrats at first ignored Greene, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. 

The gaggle of homicide-peddling Democrats, including Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, wouldn’t give the Georgia Republican the time of day, but Dingell eventually gave in and said, “Congresswoman, I wish you would stand with women.”

“Stand with women? I do. Stand with motherhood, how about that?” Greene fired off at Dingell. “You know, there are unborn women, do they not have a right to life? Killing babies up until birth — are you serious right now? Why don’t you stand with women? Stand with mothers.”

The pro-life Republican was, of course, told by the self-righteous Democrats that she should be ashamed of her “incivility” when she told Democrats they should be ashamed of killing people, to which she responded “You know what? Killing a baby up until birth is a lack of civility, it’s called murder,” Greene reminded Dingell. 

This is far from Greene’s first tiff with Democrats, some with mixed results. The Georgia Republican’s methods are straightforward and some might say abrasive. Sparks often fly when she’s interacting with her fellow members of Congress and there is an argument to be made that sometimes the carrot might be more useful than a stick during interactions with the other side. 

Most pro-lifers wouldn’t agree, however. Democrats voting on the right for women to murder their babies, assisted by medical professionals is not a “carrot” kind of moment. It’s a “do whatever has to be done to save the babies” kind of moment. And, remember all the lives lost in every single war ever fought so that deadly regimes could be overthrown. 

You may like Greene, you may hate her, but you cannot say she’s not committed to her job. You cannot say that she’s not willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make sure that the people, born and unborn, in her district have what they need to survive. The entire nation would no doubt feel much differently if these were 3,4 and 5-year old’s being ripped apart by giant pliers. But the concept is exactly the same: life is snuffed out.

It would be great if mothers didn’t want to take the lives of their children, but curbing that tide is likely much more suited to a member of the clergy than a lawmaker … and that’s a song for another night. 


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