Biden’s Lies Make It Hard to Understand His Policies

We might not agree with President Biden when it comes to his policies. However, at the very least, we’re supposed to know where he stands.

The bumbling idiot that we have in the White House is a liar. It was bad enough when he was incomprehensible. Now, we have to worry about him telling the truth on top of not being able to understand his babbling.

It’s no wonder why his staff prevents him from taking questions from the press. They know it’s only a matter of time before his answers get them all in big, big trouble.

This past Friday, Biden spoke about various issues – ranging from Afghanistan to COVID booster shots. When he was done, he took some questions – and that’s when things started to get really exciting.

One reporter asked him about the message he had when he came into office, specifically on “competence and unity.” The reporter was quick to point out that the troop withdrawal was chaotic, there’s been a threat of a government shutdown, and that members of his own party are divided on his agenda. So, the reporter asked, “What do you say to Americans who say that you have not delivered on that promise?”

The answer is enough to make anyone squirm and cringe. Biden didn’t own up to anything. He pointed the finger. And when he was done pointing the finger at the former Trump administration for everything. It’s an out-and-out lie. Trump didn’t cause the withdrawal to go south. Trump didn’t cause the Democratic Party to be divided. And, Trump most certainly didn’t cause the potential threat of a government shutdown.

Once Biden was done lying, he decided that he wasn’t quite done making an ass out of his administration. He went on to say that he would need a year to deliver on everything that he promised.

Hmmm…that’s not what he said during the campaigning, though. And, it takes a year to become competent, especially when he spent eight years in the office as VP? That’s highly unlikely. If he’s not competent by now, he never will be.

The harsh reality is that Biden inherited the country in good standing. The vaccine was created as a result of Trump pushing and pushing. 16 million doses had already been ministered by the time Biden took office. That number was going to increase whether Biden did anything or not. Why? The Trump administration handed him the plan.

As for everything else that has happened, Biden might want to take a look at some of those executive orders that he wrote within his first week in the Oval Office. Oh, wait…that would require Biden to remember. With his memory failing him, he probably has no recollection of those orders. They were slipped under his nose and he was told to sign them.

So, each time Biden is called to answer for his wrongdoings, he simply says something untrue. Whether it’s a lie or simply forgetfulness, he’s not doing the country any favors.

His finger-pointing has to stop. His lying has to stop. We’re supposed to have transparency and unity, but Biden doesn’t remember making those promises. As such, we’re left with no idea what Biden is thinking or what his administration is going to do next.

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