The “Whiteness” of Statues are Now Up for Debate

What is the world coming to? Now, rather than accepting art as art, we’re going to critique it because of its “whiteness.” Yes. Apparently, statues that are made of marble and plaster are too “white” for the woke of the far left.

Surely, throughout history, there were people of color? Yet everyone is depicted as being pasty white throughout the statues found in art museums and gardens.

Is this really a fight that we’re going to have? You better believe it.

And art curators around the country are rushing to work on making it better. Simply telling the far left about the natural color of different mediums to create statues is not enough. The woke want to see color – and so color they shall have.

Cambridge University is now struggling to explain why statues from thousands of years ago aren’t white.

C’mon…everyone knows that there were nonwhites in the Old Testament. There’s a sudden demand to see monuments of different pigmentations to represent the different populations.

The university has a new “anti-racism strategy” where they will work to make sure that diversity is alive and well.

Plaster casts that are on display make everyone look as though they were Caucasian. That was hardly the case, so the university will be creating an opportunity identified as “the role of classical sculpture in the history of racism.”


To start out, Cambridge University will be placing signs to explain the racial differences and the error that was made centuries ago. Lecturers will also be including “content warnings” since there will be a lot of difficult material presented – and there may not be the level of sensitivity that many are accustomed to.

‘Cambridge University’s archaeology museum has decided to put up signs explaining the “whiteness” of its plaster casts collections. This is to avoid giving the “misleading impression” that Greek and Roman society suffered from an “absence of diversity”.’

— trevorw1953 (@trevorw1953) August 24, 2021

The museum at Cambridge University has possession of over 600 statues.

Why are they so white? Well, it’s not because of racism like some would like to accuse.

Plaster casts create a three-dimensional copy using plaster. Plaster of Paris is one of the most popular types of plaster – and has been used since ancient times since it was so easy to get gypsum near Paris.

Gypsum is turned into a powder and mixed with hot water to get the plaster. It’s what gives it the natural white color.

Realistically, the white statues don’t mimic any skin tone since even the palest of Caucasians aren’t plaster white.

Yet, that’s not good enough for those who want to claim that there’s racism found in the classic art world.

The powder that goes into the plaster can be changed. Pigments can be added. It’s why so many statues are white, grey, or even a sandy brown. However, many were left white because they were models as opposed to being finished pieces.

Ultimately, it comes down to this: Cambridge’s statues aren’t real people.

It’s still not good enough. The woke are worried that the pasty white statues give people the impression that ancient Greek and Roman societies suffered from a lack of diversity.

So, prepare to see status being painted and new molds being made to include pigments within the plaster. How dare we use natural ingredients to make art so that everyone is identified as Caucasian.

Oh, what will the far-left think of next? Perhaps they’ll take issue with black and white photographs since they dare to pigeonhole everyone as either white or black…

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