A “Generic Republican” Is Better Than a Well-Known Dem According to Iowans

Democrats have the majority in the House and the Senate. They have had a chance to prove what they can and cannot do. They have failed to prove that they are capable of making a positive difference within the country. At every turn, we see their failures – in the pandemic, the economy, unemployment rates, and even in schools.

It has become obvious that many seats are going to be lost. The Democrats aren’t getting the job done – and it’s leading voters to lean more toward the GOP.

Representative Cindy Axne has held her congressional seat in Iowa since 2018. She’ll be up for re-election in 2022, and it looks as though she won’t get a chance to hold onto her seat for a second term. She won against an incumbent Republican and Iowans have since realized that they messed up by letting a liberal have a chance.

Would Axne win? Unlikely. In a poll where she’s paired against a generic Republican, more are likely to vote for the Republican. They don’t even care who that person is. They would rather vote in anyone than keep Axne in for another term.

It’s not surprising when you look at all that Axne has done – or rather, not done. She’s taken her orders directly from Nancy Pelosi, becoming a “yes, ma’am.”

Many in Iowa has seen an increase in inflation. They’ve seen how it’s more expensive to buy things than ever – and they blame the government spending that Axne has approved for it.

It’s not all that Axne has approved, though. Rather than listening to the people she’s supposed to be representing, she has listened to Progressive Pelosi – and Iowans are over it. Axne has supported the “Build Back Better” agenda of Biden, which has caused the left to overspend in comparison to what the federal budget can actually support.

Iowa is typically a red state. They’re fiscally responsible. And they’ve learned the hard way as to what happens when they vote blue. They’ve seen how the spending package could make the rising costs even worse – and most agree that they don’t want to pay for it.

Kollin Crompton, the Republican Party of Iowa’s Communication Director addresses what has happened to Axne listening to Pelosi over Iowans. “Iowans are tired of the socialist spending spree they see in Washington – and they know Axne won’t stop lighting our taxpayer dollars on fire until she is voted out.”

This is beginning to be a common trend.

Representatives are voted in as a way to be a voice for the people. However, the moment they take office, they forget about their promises. They’re hypnotized into listening to Pelosi and the rest of the progressives on Capitol Hill. They stop listening to the people and they start passing whatever liberal trash is shoved in front of them.

More Americans are waking up to the reality of what it means to vote blue. And in the midterms, many liberals will find out that by not keeping their promises to constituents, they’ll be without a seat in the next Congress.

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