Facebook Doesn’t Want Anyone Getting Ideas, Removes Post About Impeaching Biden

Facebook is back to playing Big Brother…and they don’t want anyone getting any ideas about disturbing the liberal administration. The Democrats control everything. Why upset a good thing?

Well, anyone who posts about the possibility of impeachment will find that their post is removed.

It happened to Alabama’s Lieutenant Governor. Will Ainsworth made the mistake of thinking that he could post whatever he wanted on Facebook. He’s a Republican, so that should have been his first clue that he’d be censored.

However, he posted anyway – and it was a post that people needed to see – a call for the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

Ainsworth isn’t the only one talking about impeaching Biden, either. With all of the horrible decisions the senile president has made, more people are talking about a possible impeachment with each passing day.

Facebook doesn’t want to consider that possibility. And, they aren’t going to allow it on their platform.

Ainsworth’s post was quickly taken down, saying that it went against their community standards “on violence and incitement.”

Facebook REMOVED my post for calling out Joe Biden’s failures, citing a violation of standards on violence & incitement.

Who wants to tell them the real perpetrator is Joe Biden? I’m fed up w/ Big Tech protecting Joe & the liberals.

I’ll say it again: it’s time to IMPEACH Biden pic.twitter.com/im9kC3Eeox

— Will Ainsworth (@willainsworthAL) September 1, 2021

Is that right? Wow. So, talking about impeachment is now against community standards? It seems that Facebook is dealing with double standards since they clearly didn’t have that rule in place when former President Donald Trump was in office.

Impeachment is a constitutional right of Americans. If we believe that the president isn’t doing an acceptable job, Congress has the right and the ability to impeach. It’s not violent and it’s not incitement. It’s simply an American right.

Ainsworth wasn’t going to accept the removal of his post without a bit of a fight. He moved over to the Twitter platform to talk about how his post was removed. He commented “Who wants to tell them the real perpetrator is Joe Biden? I’m fed up w/ Big Tech protecting Joe & the liberals.”

He’s spot on with this comment, too. After all, it’s the double standards that big tech has been accused of for years. The Democrats can say what they want about whomever they want. Yet, the moment a Republican says something, we’re called out for being violent and trying to incite violence.

Ainsworth and plenty of other Republicans are looking to save the United States. And, the only way to save the country is by focusing on the leadership. Biden has had countless failures. It started with the border crisis. Then, Afghanistan. No one wants to sit around and wait to see what his next big failure is going to be.

There’s another big problem with big tech, and Ainsworth is more than happy to point it out. “ Big Tech allows the Taliban and radical Islamic terrorists to have free rein on its platforms for anti-American propaganda.”

Why is it that the terrorists are allowed to say whatever they want yet the Republicans are silenced?

Big Tech has chosen a side. They are on the side of the liberals. They are on the side of the terrorists. They are anti-America and absolutely fine with taking away our constitutional right to free speech.

Well, Ainsworth may have had his post deleted, but the sentiment remains.

Biden needs to be impeached. Facebook and Twitter may not like it, but the man has to get out of the White House if we’re going to survive as a nation.

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