Bank Targeting Conservatives Shutting Down Accounts

The real and present fear of retribution for conservatives or anyone with opinions and views dissenting on anything considered “mainstream” is growing, quickly. The threat is particularly vicious, considering the percentage of our lives that work off of some sort of technology, combined with the percentage of major technology companies are led by massively progressive CEOs, the results are enough to give red-blooded patriots the chills.

Additionally, the push for any and all punishments being fair game for anyone not on board with the progressive agenda is making the social-justice way clear for untold and unexpected retribution to be meaded out to any conservative at any time.

Hey, Mike Flynn there’s always Deutsche Bank.

— Confunctionist (@confunctionist) August 30, 2021

No one knows this fact, and has lived it, more than Gen. Michael Flynn, one time National Security Adviser to former President Donald Trump who was the center of unprecedented discrimination and lies at the beginning of the Trump administration,

Once again, Flynn is at the center of controversy as he’s been flagged by Chase Bank as a “reputational risk” and was allegedly sent a letter saying that he was having his account closed by the massive bank chain according to the International Business Times.

The retired three-star general reportedly received a letter saying that his cards would be shut off on September 18, 2021. Red Voice Media reported that the retired general announced the news on Telegram where he shared some of the verbiage from the letter which read, in part:

BREAKING: Chase Bank cancels its credit card accounts with General Flynn citing possible “reputational risk” to their company. In case there was any doubt what is happening in this country. @TracyBeanzOfficial

— Regina Hicks (@reginahicksreal) August 29, 2021

“Update: We are closing your credit cards. After careful consideration, we decided to close your credit cards on September 18, 2021, because continuing the relationship creates possible reputational risk to our company. You may receive additional account closing notifications if your other accounts under a different name or address.”

Flynn’s announcement was understandably frustrated when he said that “Chase Bank has gone full blown woke! They need to deal with their own reputation instead of persecuting my family and I. DOJ dropped my case for their own egregious government misconduct, appears you weren’t that lucky with the DOJ. I guess my America First political views don’t align with yours. Your loss ” Flynn wrote on the social media platform, according to the outlet.

Chase Bank canceled Mike Flynn’s credit card accounts.

General Flynn about to be out here this fall like:

— ClockOutWars (@clockoutwars) August 30, 2021

The response to Flynn’s news was as mixed as the political tensions in America today, but, surprisingly, few doubted that the letter was indeed sent to the former high ranking military officer, and a few even developed a plan to retaliate against the businesses’ decision:

“If you can afford to close your @Chase accounts, you should go grab every dime out of those accounts tomorrow morning and in cash. Not wire transfer, not cashiers checks. Cash. Let’s see if we can close a few branches for lack of cash tomorrow morning over this,” wrote a user.

Not all the responses were positive. Some supported the blacklisting of the former National Security Adviser: “General Flynn’s credit card accounts have been canceled due to the fact that he is a ‘reputation risk.’ This doesn’t happen to ‘great patriots.’ This happens to traitors who should be in prison but aren’t because they were pardoned by the biggest traitor in United States history,” read another tweet,” said one user.

“Totally did a bark laugh that scared my dog. Chase canceled General Flynn’s credit card accounts cos he’s such a traitorous a**shole they won’t risk blowback!!! I f**king LOVE it! Schadenfreude is my current mood!” wrote a user.

So, before we all pile onto our favorite political figures too high, let’s do an exercise where we tell this story to someone who doesn’t know the players. So, there’s a guy who served decades in the military, reached one of the highest ranks possible, and was tapped to work for the president. People who didn’t like the president didn’t like him, and he was accused of some stuff, and later pardoned, though there’s big debate about whether he really did them because of corruption in the government. But because of politics, that guy is now being shut out of the central banking system, because of his politics.

If you don’t think this will end badly you need to brush up on your history.

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