VP Harris Ignores Afghanistan Debacle & Goes To California For Newsom Rally

With a hostage situation unfolding in Afghanistan and Americans being held against their will, President Joe Biden is “vacationing” in Delaware and Vice President Kamala Harris is nowhere to be seen. In fact, she’s been a bit too preoccupied planning to campaign for California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is currently facing the Sept. 14 recall election.

While VP Harris canceled her plans to campaign last month after the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, it seems that she is back on schedule. Republicans have a rare opportunity to win the top office in California and VP Harris knows it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be crawling out of her hole to come and campaign.

VP Harris experienced some of the lowest ratings as vice president and has been called out for her cold and condescending behavior, sloppy handling of the border, and disappearing during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Fox News host Will Cain even suggested that VP Harris has been missing because she’s become such a “liability” to Biden and his Administration, even though they used her for votes on a presidential ticket in the first place. He said the Biden Administration is in a really tough spot and going to need to decide if they admit they used Kamala to get elected or run her back out and hurt their own numbers.

Co-host Shannon Bream adds that Harris’ own presidential campaign flopped so badly that she dropped out of the race early on. They suggested that Harris is going to be nothing more than a “professional tie-breaker” in the Senate and that she’s being kept behind the glass like an ax.

Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, even claimed that Harris was picked because of her race and gender, not her qualifications. She hasn’t done anything at the border and just cackles off any question she doesn’t want to answer. She even suggests that the Democrat Party is experiencing the consequences of choosing a person based on identity politics instead of their qualifications. “This is what you get,” she said.

Lara Trump also went on to call out former First Lady Michelle Obama and VP Harris for staying silent on the rights of Afghan women. She called the woke Democrat women some of the “most hypocritical individuals to walk the face of the earth,” adding that they only speak out when it is in their best political interest. They have both remained silent on how the lives of girls and women in Afghanistan will be different under Taliban control. Girls as young as nine years old could be subject to marriage, rape, torture, or being killed in the streets if they don’t follow the rule of the Taliban.

“They [Obama and Harris] are happy to be activists when it’s politically advantageous. And the second they have nothing to gain, they don’t care. These women in Afghanistan will never see another day like they did before the United States left. Their lives will be different forever,” Lara Trump said.

Democrats have been vocal that they do not want VP Harris to run for president in 2024 and it’s clear that she wants nothing to do with the responsibilities at hand. It’s clear that she’s trying to run out the clock on the Afghanistan situation but the American people will not forget how she acted. It’s going to be nothing but an uphill battle for a vice president who was so unpopular with the Democrat Party that she had to drop out before the primaries in her own home state.

Just four months ago, VP Harris proudly claimed that she was the “last person in the room” with Biden when he decided to fully withdraw U.S forces from Afghanistan. Now, Harris is nowhere to be seen. Usually, when a president’s ratings are dropping, the vice president will step in to clean up the mess. When a president and vice president both have ratings that are plummeting by the day, they are nowhere to be seen. The tragedy in Afghanistan is old news to VP Harris. She’s already headed to California.

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