Newsom’s Only Support Comes From Celebrities, VP Harris Ditches Out

Vice President Kamala Harris recently canceled her plans to hold a car rally with California Gov. Gavin Newsom in the San Francisco Bay Area after multiple terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.

The rally was intended to garner more support for Newsom before he faces a recall election on Sept 14. VP Harris and Newsom both faced criticism for continuing to plan the event, even after the Taliban takeover. The most recent attack in Afghanistan left at least 11 U.S Service members dead. This has led to a crumbling situation at the White House and Harris said she would be immediately returning to Washington D.C.

Gov. Newsom’s communications chief Nathan Click tweeted out that VP Harris would not be in California and that the rally had been canceled. She said there were “no further updates” to share at that time. At this point, the Newsom administration is tied to a sinking ship, with poll numbers that seem to be leaning more and more towards the golden state electing a Republican.

Even CNN has voiced their nerves and disappointment with their party in control and a growing amount of wildfires, crime, and homelessness. Not to mention, a spike in the cost of living. Democratic strategist Michael Trujillo emphasized concerns about what he was seeing and even said that Democrats will go so far as to elect a Republican to send a message to their own party.

“I’m nervous so they’re definitely probably 100 times more nervous. Homelessness is — I’ve never seen an issue like this so potent. It’s making progressive voters moderate because they’re so upset,” Trujillo said.

With the media questioning Newsom’s moves, it seems that the only people left on the governor’s side are the elite Hollywood. Celebrities have rushed to save Newsom’s recall election, in hopes that everyday residents will ignore his out-of-control homelessness and violent crime waves. Not to mention, the soaring cost of living that only the Hollywood Elite (and Newsom) can afford.

Celebrities like John Legend, Dave Bautista, Mark Ruffalo, Bette Midler, George Lopez, Elijah Wood, and Rob Reiner, have attempted to spin the recall as a “Republican-engineered attempt” to get rid of a Democrat. Newsom has pushed the same narrative that the election was triggered by “pro-Trump supporters” and “far-right skeptics,” despite the polls showing a large amount of Democrats, including Latino voters, saying they would recall the governor. One poll indicated 44.5% of Latino support for recalling the governor.

But figures such as John Legend have tweeted for people to “reject the ridiculous recall” and not to “DeSantis our California.” Bette Midler even lashed out and warned people that Larry Elder, the leading GOP recall candidate, has a “legit shot at winning.” She tried to push the false claim that he was dumped by his fiancee because he threatened her with a gun. She said you have to “vote like hell” because you know this means the GOP loves him more. Mia Farrow also told Californians to “vote no” because Larry elder is a “misogynist thug.”

Ruffalo retweeted a Newsom ad that pleaded Californians to vote no on the recall election and return their ballots promptly.

“It’s a sly attempt by Trump allies & anti-union special interests to install a right-wing Republican as governor,” the ad claimed.

Actress Sarah Silverman also warned Californians to vote no on the “motherfu**ing recall” and that if Republicans win, “they’ll do it everywhere.” She even posted a video urging California voters to deny the recall and get their ballots in the mailbox.

From Lord of the Rings stars to CNN hosts, everyone except the actual people of California seem to think that the recall is a “time worn plot’ from the GOP. But it just proves that Hollywood hates the working class and will do anything to protect their endorsements – even politically endorse themselves. Celebrities lose their credibility and morals when they go ‘woke.’

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