Dissident House Dems Turn on Biden and Pelosi…$1 Trillion for a Rainy Day Slush Fund Is Idiotic

It’s finally safe to say House Democrats are wising up. At least nine of them anyway, but hey, it’s a good start, and it’s enough of them to send Biden’s proposed gazillion-dollar domestic budget resolution plan back to the drawing board. But first, a fierce civil war must take place between them and Pelosi’s army who are siding with their commander-in-chief. Despite Biden’s frail mind and his recently proven inability to lead, commander Pelosi is steering her faithful roughriders straight up Bankrupt Hill.

It’s dangerous territory for the Democrat dissidents whose only hope is to cleverly outmaneuver the White House, Pelosi, and the sheer number of opposing players on the defensive line. Win or lose, they’re risking losing some friends along with the support of liberal voters in their home states for bucking their system of “All Things Biden,” no matter how imbecilic and damaging his ideas in reality are.

Democratic leaders would prefer a quick passage of the proposed bill for good reason. The issue has arisen smack in the middle of their August break and they’ve got prime-cut steaks waiting to be grilled. Getting it over quickly will also set the budget resolution up for getting booted through the goalpost in the Fall.

The resolution would allow for $3.5 trillion dollars that the U.S. still needs to raise, to be put aside for a rainy day instead of paying off some looming debts. Biden wants a safety net for future climate change disasters, environmental mishaps, and other as yet undesignated programs as they may arise over the next decade.

The Dems say the money will be raised through tax increases on the wealthy, and on businesses. What they have failed to acknowledge is that the majority of business owners are not wealthy people. A great many of them struggle, especially in these hard economically unstable times, to not fire their employees and bar the doors.

Yet, no distinction between the two has been made The oversight, if it was one, will cause more mom and pop shops to give up the ghost while the giants in the market will easily adjust via raising prices to their clients and consumers, hence, contributing to further recession. Brilliant plan, Joe.

The Democrats in opposition say they may consider changing their minds under one condition. There is already a $1 trillion 10-year package waiting for their approval to fix roads, power grids, broadband, aging bridges, leaky dams, and other infrastructure concerns that actually matter. And, it’s already been passed by the Senate. So before ya’ll go moving on to something new…

Unless Congress sees things the same as the opposed Democrats, it’s game over. Since the initial resolution is expected to get drowned by a unanimous Republican vote, nine Dems is all it will take to squeak through its total disapproval.

The moderates Democrats are wanting Congress to get off the stick and send the already Senate-approved infrastructure bill to Biden for his final signature. They fear that any change in political climate might cause Biden to hesitate longer and they need bragging rights right now for their upcoming campaigns.

How could anyone of thought they didn’t have their own ulterior motives? Moderate or not, they’re Democrats. But at least this time out their greedy intentions are only damaging their own party. The caveat is in watching Nancy Pelosi make hilariously ugly faces at the realization that her fun recess is about to turn into a working vacation in the beautiful District of Columbia.

The thought of the House ingnoring the very Senate-approved infrastructure bill that Pelosi and Biden fought so hard to push through is unfathomable and completely void of sense. Nine House Democrats have clearly seen the light while the rest of them are still searching for the switch.

In light of this incomprehensible move being beyond the mindset of those at this publication, we invite you to give us your take. Surely one of ya’ll has this figure out.

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