COVID Fatality Rates Hits New Lows Despite Media’s Hysteria Over Delta Variant

If the political left and their propaganda wing (aka mainstream media) are to be believed, we are more at risk of getting COVID-19 and dying from it than ever before – thanks to the newly realized “delta” variant of the virus.

They keep saying it’s more contagious and more deadly than the first alpha variant. They say that on top of the controversial vaccines, we may need booster shots to avoid it. And they have certainly declared that masks are still a must, regardless of your vaccination status.

There’s just one curious thing to question then: why is the national COVID death rate continuing to drop? If, in fact, delta is more dangerous, shouldn’t fatality rates be going up just like the case numbers are?

Funny you should ask…

But, according to Our World in Data, that’s exactly what’s going on.

Just in case you’ve never heard of it, Our World in Data is an excellent source for all things COVID-related. It has a multitude of easy-to-read illustrations, graphs, adjustable variables, and more, including how many people are vaccinated, the number of confirmed cases in any given country, and the number and types of variants in that country as well.

You can also choose to look at data on a worldwide scale, for just one nation, or with several countries being compared regarding COVID-19 data.

We used this to look at the United States and its fatality rates over the past year.

As you can imagine, our peak or highest fatality rate occurred in early March of 2020, coming in around 2.91 percent. You can likely also guess that as more people have gotten the virus and since become immune to it or have received both shots of the vaccine, that number would slowly drop. As of July 15, the fatality rate had fallen to about 2.29 percent.

But as of Tuesday, the US saw a significant drop in death rates related to COVID, down to a minimal 0.70 percent. And just to prove the data is credible, it comes from the well-respected and known Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

Now, as I hinted at before, there are several reasons this number could be dropping. These include an increase in vaccinated persons, more people being immune, and, of course, county and state death rates being altered to exclude previously accepted deaths labeled as COVID related but were really due to things like car accidents and gunshot wounds.

But that still doesn’t explain why at a time when this new variant is supposed to be taking over the world and be much more deadly, the number of deaths isn’t growing.

Could it be that once again, the political left and MSM are blowing things way out of proportion?

Now, to be clear, they have been right about one thing: positive case numbers are going up, claiming that this variant is more contagious or infectious likely true. As of July 5, positive case numbers in the US stood at around 35.73 per million people. Now, that number has risen to some 352.63 cases per million. And nothing but the delta variant can really explain that.

But to say that it’s more deadly or even causes more severe symptoms and cases needed hospitalization simply isn’t true. The numbers don’t lie, and right now, they don’t add up to what the media is saying.

For example, take National Geographic’s headline on Friday reading, “Why is Delta more infectious and deadly? New research holds answers.” Or when CNN’s Jim Acosta recently renamed the variant after Florida Governor and mask mandate resistant Ron DeSantis, calling it the “DeSantis variant” and saying a fund should be started to pay “for all of the funerals in the days to come.”

These, like the insistence upon wearing masks even though science says they do little to prevent the spread of any airborne virus, are yet more examples of a liberal party trying to remain in control and grasping to the emergency powers the COVID pandemic allowed them.

However, as is proved by the very existence of this data, it won’t be long before they’re unable to make such ridiculous claims.

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