Republican Governor Protecting Rights of People as Liberals Dance All Over Them

The insanity of the Democratic Party and their liberal judge base has reached new heights as they make it a point to overrule Republican governors. For months the CDC had kept the cruise industry closed down because of COVID. And now that things are getting back to normal, Ron DeSantis has had to fight to get it so they can open up again.

DeSantis finally wins his case against the CDC and their socialist lockdowns just in time for another liberal judge to order that all passengers obey the Norwegian Cruise Line rules and show proof of vaccination before they will be allowed to board any of their ships.

Ron DeSantis challenges the court’s order because it goes against the very foundation of what it means to be an American. Any company that orders a person to show proof of vaccination violates privacy laws.

The cruise line challenged DeSantis’ law regarding COVID passports and got the judge to issue an injunction. Kathleen Williams was the judge that stripped people of their rights to privacy. One report noted that “she said the company was likely to prevail based on its claims that the law infringes on its rights to free speech and puts a heavy burden on interstate commerce. And she agreed Norwegian would ‘suffer significant financial and reputational harms’ if the law were to be enforced in the meantime.”

The judge was more concerned with public health than any other part of the case. She believed that the company had presented its case. But the issue that the state ran into was proving a benefit to the public by not allowing them to have to prove vaccination. The liberals need the passport idea because it provides them a means to force people to get a shot whether they need it or not.

The company has the same rules in every port they go to around the world. But in Florida, it is not required. The liberals wanted to force international standards on America. They desire to bring America down to the level of everyone else.

The cruise line released a statement that stated, “Despite the ongoing global pandemic and the accelerating spread of the Delta variant, Florida prohibited the company from requiring vaccine documentation which the company believed would enable it to resume sailing in the safest way possible.”

They cry and complain that they are not able to make people conform to their image. They need to have the power to force people to yield to their standard of protection. And all because a few wimpy liberals do not want to be around people that could make them sick.

DeSantis was quick to respond by stating he disagreed with the judge on this matter. The case was going to be appealed to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. He went on to note that “A prohibition on vaccine passports does not even implicate, let alone violate, anyone’s speech rights, and it furthers the substantial, local interest of preventing discrimination among customers based on private health information.”

DeSantis signed into law a bill that kept local governments and companies from issuing mandated lockdowns and passports. There was no need to force people when they are old enough to take care of their health.

He stated that “In Florida, your personal choice regarding vaccinations will be protected and no business or government entity will be able to deny you services based on your decision.” The liberals hate DeSantis, so they are going to challenge him in court whenever they can.

The liberals stated their position very clearly when the company stated, “We believe Florida’s prohibition is on the wrong side of federal law, public health, science and is not in the best interest of the welfare of our guests, crew, and the communities we visit, therefore, we have reluctantly turned to the courts for relief.” They act like they are under such distress by not being able to force people into compliance.

Florida is set to develop a bill that will keep passports out of the state permanently. They need a little bit of time to get it done. And that is why the governor issued his executive order.

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