YouTube Censors Rand Paul Twice For Discussing Mask Science

Big Tech censorship is back at it again and targeting Republicans over “COVID misinformation.” This week, YouTube suspended Sen. Paul for seven days and took down two of his videos related to an interview on Newsmax about masks and the first YouTube censorship. He called it a “badge of honor” for YouTube to ban him on a peer-reviewed article saying cloth masks don’t work. He referred viewers to the Liberty Tree website and Rumble if they are interested in watching the banned video and said he actually wants what’s best for the country.

In the first video, Paul shared his opinions on Newsmax about Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s top medical adviser. He said he believes Fauci is naive and doesn’t learn from his mistakes. He went on to add that Fauci gives really bad advice that goes against the science of the virus.

“I’ll give you another example. If he were sitting here and you ask him, if you get COVID, naturally, do you have immunity? He probably gonna begrudgingly say yes. But if you ask him, Well, should you vaccinate those who have already gotten it? He’d say everybody ought to be vaccinated,” Paul said.

Paul also pointed out how liberal journalists spent a year completely dismissing the lab leak theory as a conspiracy theory and saying it isn’t worthy of public debate. He said they are the ones who should be canceled, eliminated, and kicked off social media platforms for only defining the “truth” under one political umbrella. He points out how the lab leak at Wuhan seems like a coverup for the people who gave them money, which would be those in the U.S. he said they would be the “most guilty and least guilty” in a sense while being blamed for some part of the virus.

Paul also pointed out how Dr. Fauci has said for years that gain-of-function research is “worth it” if there’s ever a pandemic and that he’s been acknowledging it since 2012. He said the naivety and terrible judgments could’ve caused the pandemic in the first place.

In the second video titled “It Is Time For Unfiltered News,” Paul shared his thoughts on Youtube’s censorship of his banned interview video. He said they discussed a variety of topics, including the science behind wearing masks, and that Youtube removed his video because he dared to contradict Fauci and the government. He emphasizes that YouTube may be a private entity but that they’re acting like “an arm of the government censoring those who present an alternative view to the science deniers in Washington.” They have continued to censor content and ban users while promoting the “pursuit of free speech” on their sites.

“My hope is that maybe through competition we’ll prove them to be wrong in their ways,” Paul said.

Paul said people like Fauci have lied for months over the science behind cloth masks, adding that it is not only bad advice but potentially deadly misinformation. He said Youtube is becoming a dangerous platform for stifling debates and promoting groupthink, where the “truth” is defined by those with a political agenda. He said he was censored for telling the truth and that it’s time for us to resist. “They can’t arrest all of us,” Paul said in the video.

While private companies have the right to ban users, it’s incredible anti-free speech and anti-progress of science to use skepticism and banning tools against the truth. Journalism is getting to a point where it doesn’t gather stories from different views and perspectives but meshes into one carbon copy of the same information. People are too afraid of getting “canceled” to act otherwise. There’s a reason former president Donald Trump started calling it ‘fake news.’

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