Biden’s Aggressive Insults to Unvaccinated Have Americans Up in Arms

President Joe Biden took vaccine encouragement to a whole new level during a recent press conference by insulting those who haven’t yet taken the newly minted COVID-19 deterrent.

While both the Biden and Trump administrations formatted a plan to keep the worldwide pandemic under control, the Biden administration has made the kind of comments that have caused deep concern among those who put a premium on medical freedom.

Up until recently, it was completely up to every individual adult whether they wanted to participate in medical treatments. Especially those without that haven’t been through the rigorous testing typically required for a treatment to go to market.

There have always been those who weighed the possibilities and opt for experimental and new treatments, but taking a risk has typically come with an option to say no. Recently, however, it appears that the United States government wants to require that Americans take the risk of death (which is clearly laid out in each and every vaccination disclaimer), waive their right to litigation (a fun law put in place at the behest of pharmaceutical companies) and take the vaccination whether you want it or not.

While there’s not yet been a ban on buying and selling or any of the more extreme concerns that many Americans have, even Biden, with his dwindling intellect, si getting in his shots (pun intended) at the unvaccinated.

Most recently he took aim at the unjabbed on Tuesday when he said that Americans who haven’t been vaccinated yet are “not as smart” as he had thought they were. The president was asked on Tuesday, “Will you require all federal employees to get vaccinated?”

“That’s under consideration right now,” he responded before turning the conversation toward the millions of Americans who are not vaccinated. He continued, “If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were.”

The president was then questioned about whether he was worried about confusion over the new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and whether it would create confusion. Biden responded saying,  “We have a pandemic because of the unvaccinated, and they’re sowing enormous confusion.”

“And the more we learn about this virus and the Delta variation, the more we have to be worried and concerned. And [there’s] only one thing we know for sure if those other 100 million people got vaccinated, we’d be in a very different world. So get vaccinated. If you haven’t, you’re not nearly as smart as I said you were.”

If we blow right past the irony of Biden calling someone “not smart,” don’t get tripped up at the part where he said we have a pandemic “because of the unvaccinated” and refuse to get bogged down when he said those who’ve maintained their non-shot status are responsible for “sowing enormous confusion,” we’re left with the incredible turn of events where the leader of the free world is trying to browbeat Americans into taking an experimental injection that many believe has a higher percentage of negative long-lasting effects than the virus it’s supposed to … not keep you from getting … not prevent from spreading … maybe lessen the symptoms of?

No one here is saying, get the shot, or don’t get the shot. That’s your call. Let me say that again, for the cheap seats: IT’S YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE (as far as medical treatments are concerned, not your choice to kill other people that may reside there).

As of Tuesday, it’s estimated that around 49.2% of the population is fully vaccinated, and 56.9% have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

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