Biden Chooses Now to Pull Out of Afghanistan as Taliban Gains More Ownership

President Biden is doing everything he can to look like an American hero. He wants to end the “forever war” in Afghanistan by pulling troops out by September 11. However, by doing so, he’s about to leave one of our allies high and dry.

The Afghan government has already said that they are ill-prepared to stand on their own without the support of U.S. troops. Is that stopping Biden from proceeding with his plans? Not at all. He wants U.S. troops out of there, even if it means that the Taliban, a known terrorist group, will soon take over the entire country.

As the U.S. military moves to remove troops ahead of the September 11 deadline, it’s important to look at just how much of Afghanistan is owned by the Taliban. They’re gaining more and more land with each passing month. By the time our troops are out, it appears that the U.S. embassy may not be in Afghanistan but instead, Taliban territory.

Is that what we want? Are we okay with pulling the troops out so that the terrorists can acquire all of this land?

The reality is, the more land that the Taliban acquires, the more dangerous the world becomes.

A senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Bill Roggio, explains that “What the Taliban has done is take control of contested districts; that is how they have flipped the switch.”

We all know that Afghanistan is weak. They have been weak for years, despite all of the training offered by the U.S. and other countries. It’s how the Taliban has been able to move in – and they have been pre-positioned to take many of the weaker districts.

The problem is that the Taliban isn’t just taking control of the land. They’re also managing law enforcement, administrative areas, and government institutions. Suddenly, we could be looking at the Taliban operating an entire country.

The Taliban has been regaining strength ever since they were removed from power in 2001. They don’t want to follow the same laws as what is respected throughout most of the world. They don’t believe in certain basic human rights, as pushed by the UN. Instead, they want to support punishments as they are interpreted by Sharia law – public executions, public amputations for those found guilty of theft, and more.

The Taliban has also been extremely controlling of its population. They have banned TV, music, and cinema. Girls over the age of 10 are also not approved to go to school. The number of human rights accusations they have faced over the decades is considerable.

The more land they acquire and the more power they acquire is bad for everyone. They are the ones responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City and the Pentagon, too. If they were willing to attack the U.S. on U.S. soil, there’s no telling what they would do when given the chance once they acquire more power.

The Long War Journal analyzed that as of the end of July, the Taliban may control approximately 53 percent of the country.

Is that changing the Biden administration’s course on pulling out troops? Not at all.

He’ll leave Afghanistan defenseless so that the Taliban can acquire all the power they need to be a threat not only to the U.S. but also to the world.

And, if you listen to Taliban leadership, they’re claiming to be governing 85 percent of Afghanistan. What do they know that we don’t? Apparently, Biden isn’t even bothering to listen. He’ll ignore the problem overseas just as he has ignored the problem at the southern border.

Let’s just hope that the troops being sent home don’t trigger another attack on home soil.

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