Mask Mandates Come from the Unmasked Congress Doctor

Reports are popping up everywhere that mask mandates are being issued. The CDC has reversed its recommendations about mask-wearing for the vaccinated.

There are a lot of issues. If the vaccinated have to wear masks, how is the country going to convince many that the vaccines are effective? The federal government is going to be in for quite the battle.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that the ones giving the advice aren’t even following the advice. An attending physician in the House of Representatives spoke to a group of Republicans without a mask. Dr. Brian Monahan spoke about the new mask mandates and his defense of them – all the while keeping his mask under his chin.

On Tuesday, Dr. Monahan, a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, announced that the House would need to wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. The Senate has not reinstituted this mask mandate as of yet.

It’s hard to listen to Dr. Monahan’s advice when he’s chosen not to follow what he’s saying. After all, shouldn’t the attending physician be wearing a mask? After all, he’s indoors. It doesn’t matter whether he’s vaccinated or not – this is his advice.

What is the reason for this new mask mandate in the House considering more than 85% of the Representatives are vaccinated? Well, it’s not based on science, that’s for sure. They’re following suit with the CDC recommendations.

>@GOPLeader is hosting a meeting today with Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician here in the Capitol

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) July 28, 2021

Nancy Pelosi has also instituted $500 fines for the members who refuse to wear masks. At least three Republicans have been fined, including ones from Florida, Texas, and Iowa. It’s hard to blame the Republicans, though – after all, they don’t have to wear masks in their home state. Besides, it’s not as if their actions led to a COVID infection – unlike the House Dems from Texas that decided to flee to DC unmasked and with COVID.

We should be focusing on common sense. Yet, it’s obvious that is nowhere in sight in the House of Representatives. The Democrats are scared and they’ve stopped listening to science. Meanwhile, the doctor they’re listening to seems to have forgotten that if he’s going to demand masks, he should at least be wearing one.

With each passing day, there are more and more mask mandates. The moment that members of Congress were forced to wear a mask again, they began mandating it everywhere else, too. Hundreds of universities are demanding masks to go back to school. Major companies such as Google and Amazon are mandating masks.

And with mask mandates comes another important topic – mandating the vaccine. Can it be done? Not really…not until the FDA approves the vaccine. Yet, that’s not stopping the Biden administration from pushing the mandates anyway. Those who continue to refuse to get vaccinated will at least have to submit to weekly or bi-weekly COVID testing.

The ridiculous has happened. We’re panicking over a variant that is capable of being controlled. Those who are vaccinated are not at severe risk of getting sick, let alone infected. Liberal cities across the country are establishing mask mandates for indoors and outdoors regardless of vaccination status. Their reasoning? 50 out of 100,000 people are testing positive. Let’s be realistic – that’s .05% of the population.

It’s about control, and it’s about elitist behavior. It’s hard to be okay with strapping three layers of cotton to your face when the attending physician telling Congress about mask mandates can’t even bring himself to do it.

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