CDC Demands That All People Remask Under Certain Conditions

There was a time when the COVID-19 virus was said not to be a problem for young people. But the Democrats could not live with themselves if they did not try and exert some form of control over them. They have slowly lowered that age for required mask-wearing to nearly two years of age. And now that they have invented a new virus strain, they are now trying to force all students to wear masks in the classrooms across America.

The Center for Disease Control changes its mask regulations faster than Joe Biden can forget his name. The CDC is trying to force people to wear facial diapers again. This time is just the same as the last round of regulations. They are based on feeling rather than fact. Most of their speculations are based on what “might” or “could” happen if the Delta variant gets worse. But so far, there is no reason to believe that it will take off like the virus did last year.

The CDC wants vaccinated people to follow their wishes as well. They claim that the vaccine is not working against the Delta variant. Even though Democrats claim that people still need to get the vaccine to stay protected. The double standard is highly confusing and makes no sense at all.

One report came out and stated that “In May, the CDC announced that vaccinated individuals were not required to wear masks indoors or outdoors, or physically distance, while maintaining that unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear masks and socially distance.” And now here they are flip-flopping as bad Anthony Fauci on what people need to do.

The confusion is supposed to be for all people that want to sit indoors. Kids under the age of 12 who are still not vaccinated are supposed to wear a mask as well. But little good the vaccine will do them since they will still have to wear a mask. The key to the liberal’s rule is that they feel the need to force people to keep living through a compliance routine. It is their way of brainwashing people to stop thinking and start complying.

The liberal media claims that almost half the United States still has very high COVID-19 infection rates. They keep inventing new spins on an old issue. The pandemic will never be over as long as a liberal sits in charge.

The media stopped reporting on the success of the states with Republicans at the helm. The only states having trouble with the virus still are those run by Democrats. The liberals need the virus to continue to exercise their sadistic control over people. For them to stop pushing COVID-19 would spell disaster for them.

What the Democrats are not telling people is what they are basing their decisions on. The American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association are special interest groups that have swayed the CDC to change its rules. They will never admit their influence, but the similarity of the guidelines matches up with the Union’s demands.

The nasty liberals cannot decide which level of mask-wearing is suitable for their schedule. At one point, the unions would return to the classrooms if everyone was vaccinated. But they keep pushing to see how much they can get out of everyone before they get too far into trouble.

Rochelle Walensky, with the CDC, stated that “If you are not vaccinated, please take the delta very seriously. This virus has no incentive to let up and it remains in search of the next vulnerable person to infect. Please consider getting vaccinated and take precautions until you do.”

The liberals cannot get their facts straight about the virus. They keep pushing a vaccine that is said not to work against the Delta strain. But they go one step further and tell people that they need to bundle up their protection to protect themselves. They might as well wear those three masks and even wrap their faces in plastic to keep from having someone spit on them and transmitting the virus to them.

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