Let’s Focus on American History…and Schools That Don’t Risk Losing Federal Funding

We have to preserve American history based on what actually happened, not how the liberals wish that it happened. We cannot raise an entire generation to believe that our founding fathers were racist. The country is not inherently racist – and it’s why Critical Race Theory has to stay out of public schools.

Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican out of Missouri, has introduced the “Love America Act.” It’s going to be hard for the Democrats to go against the bill with a name like that. Those who go against it will automatically be called out for not loving America. And if they don’t love America, what are they doing representing the country?

The “Love America Act” is focused on combating Critical Race Theory in classrooms. One of the ways that it will do this is by prohibiting federal funding to go to schools where founding texts are labeled as racist and taught as products of white supremacy.

Hawley’s office has said that the bill is set to “promote patriotism in education and fight back against the spread of anti-American, critical race theory classes in K-12 education.”

Essentially, if schools won’t allow students to learn about the founding history of the country or are taught that the texts (such as the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence) are products of white supremacy, they lose federal funding.

Public schools depend heavily on federal funding. Without it, they would not be able to pay teacher salaries, buy new technology, or invest in education properly. The goal of the bill is simple. Stop feeding children the misinformation that liberals have been pushing over the past year.

The founding of the United States has allowed us to separate from England. It has allowed us to grow into the great nation that we are today. We have learned from our mistakes and we promote democracy, freedom, and liberty on a daily basis. We cannot lie to students to tell them that the core institutions of the country were to propagate racism.

Critical Race Theory wants to destroy the very fabric of our democracy. They want us to make those with one color of skin feel guilty while judging others to determine how we should act around them.

Whatever happened to focusing on character over skin color?

All students have sung the song…”this land is your land, this land is my land…”

We need to remember that. The United States was founded on diversity and the desire to live free and pursue happiness. We cannot do that if Critical Race Theory is having us judge everyone by their skin color and constantly feeling bad about our skin color and what we may or may not have done to contribute to the “inherent racism” of the country.

The bill that Hawley has presented would focus on a timeline so that schools teach the basic tenets of patriotism. This would include students in the first grade being able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, students in the fourth grade being able to recite the preamble to the Constitution, and 10th graders being able to read and identify the Bill of Rights.

President Biden had promised unity but has done nothing to make sure that happens.

Senator Hawley is promising unity and has a plan. He explains, “We have to make sure that our children understand what makes this country great, the ideals of hope and promise our Founding Fathers fought for, and the love of country that unites us all.”

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