DIY Abortion Assisting Schools to Face Defunding Once Legislation Is Approved

Republicans everywhere are uniting for the sole purpose of protecting life at all stages. Unborn children have been the targets of the Democratic Party for nearly 50 years. They have no problem forcing abortions upon mothers, unsure they want to move forward with the procedure. But that is where the conservatives come into the picture as heroes for the family.

Republicans serving in the House and the Senate wrote the Protecting Life on College Campus Act of 2021. This bill seeks to pull educational funding for any college or university with dealings with organizations that give out abortion-causing drugs to students. Any affiliation or record of agreement means zero funding for the coming school year.

The proposed legislation would require each school to submit yearly reports that would state that there is no site giving girls abortions or supporting them in their efforts to murder their child. The yearly reports are to be submitted to the Secretaries of Education and the Health and Human Services.

Chip Roy and Mary Miller are the two geniuses that rallied over 50 sponsors to come alongside each other and support life. Senator Steve Daines is the upper house member that is endorsing the legislation.

The Republicans’ report states that this “legislation is in direct response to California’s radical chemical abortion pill mandate on college campuses. Starting in 2023, California will require 34 public universities to provide chemical abortion pills to their students without exception.”

They have to be willing to fight back against the liberalism that is flooding the country and seek to take the life of the unborn. Gavin Newsom allowed colleges and universities to assist women in killing their unborn children. A young student gets pregnant and decides that she wants to continue with her education and not have a child. The school comes along and helps her kill the baby with abortion drugs.

One popular drug that Newsom loves to hand out is Mifepristone. This drug starves the baby to death. A few days later, Misoprostol is taken and causes contractions, so the baby is ejected from the womb. And once the baby is out, the woman is free to dispose of the child any way she sees fit. Because in the mind of a liberal, an unborn baby is just a glob of cells. There is no respect for life or person in these circumstances.

The at-home abortion idea is hazardous because it is far riskier than having an abortion done in a clinic. Many women end up with incomplete abortions and even infections because they screwed up, and life bit back at them. The result is traumatic for most women except those that demonic liberals brainwash.

But this is the future of America under Joe Biden. It is a place of murder and legal crime. But these House members and Senators that are taking a stand for life are not letting the liberals get away with secretive trojan-filled bills. They are fighting back by keeping things as balanced as possible as to such a time when they can rid the arena of politics of all the liberal trash they are leaving behind.

Chip Roy painted the picture vividly when he stated that “A college dorm room is no place to have a do-it-yourself abortion, and the American taxpayer should not be paying for the destruction of innocent human life on our college campuses. But, as we already know, what the abortion industry really cares about are profits—not the welfare of mothers or the integrity of higher learning.”

Colleges and universities are places to learn. They are not medical clinics. Roy noted that “The Protecting Life on College Campuses Act is about guarding young college women and their unborn children from the predatory abortion industry’s radical and reckless push for universal access to abortions.”

Students of the learning centers have also joined onto the legislation being proposed. They want their voices to be heard. The willful killing of innocent life must come to an end permanently. And these people have a path to see it through to completion.

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