Sen. Rand Paul Rips Into Mask Mandates In Schools & On Planes, Introduces Legislation To Ban Masks On Flights

Sen. Rand Paul recently went on Fox New’s “The Ingraham Angle” to talk about the justification of mask mandates in schools and commercial airliners. He argued that it’s been more about submission than things that are based on science and that there has never been evidence about spreading events in schools.

“The idea that we’re going to put masks on the kids, and then we’re going to punish the kids who, for their own medical decision-making or their parents, decide not to submit to this mandate. To me, it’s the biggest, basically advertisement and encouragement to get out of the government schools. Go to private schools, if you can afford them, teach your kids at home. But don’t submit to the state, don’t submit to the government,” Paul warned.

Paul said public schools are not only pushing unnecessary mask mandates but also trying to indoctrinate students with Critical Race Theory. He said that the government is trying to get people to become a “part of the hive” and do as they are told. “Don’t think, your kids don’t belong to you, they belong to the state,” Paul adds.

Paul also talks about being a frequent flyer and how sick and tired he is of being told about the numerous ways he could go to jail for not wearing a mask or buying a drink on board.

“I’m introducing legislation that will get rid of the federal mandate. This happened by executive order by President Biden, and the airlines hide behind it. I, for one, am a frequent traveler. I’m sick and tired of getting on the plane. Instead of them thanking me for buying a seat and buying a ticket, they tell me I could go to jail for not wearing a mask,” Paul said.

Paul said that these private companies are also behind the federal mandates and that he’d like somebody to thank him for buying a ticket instead of telling him the different ways he’ll get arrested for not following a mandate. Airlines have continued to hide behind the mandates and act like they didn’t ask for this when they begged to continue the mandates.

Paul has frequently called out Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s top medical advisor, and asked what studies show that people who’ve had the vaccine or the infection are still spreading it. He asked if we’re not spreading the infection, then it’s just “political theatre,” pointing out how Fauci has been vaccinated and still parades around in two masks. He said that the Democrats and so-called medical “experts” are denying everything we know about science and immunity. He also pointed out that wearing a mask after the vaccine contributes to vaccine hesitancy.

Paul said that it was time to “stop this farce” and let people travel in peace.

Paul’s comments come after the U.S Transportation Security Administration announced a widespread mask mandate through Sept. 13 across all transportation networks in the United States, including at airports, on commercial aircraft, over-the-road buses, and on a commuter bus and rail systems.

Mask “mandates” are about the control with leftist ideology, not the science. The radical left tells you that you will be free to carry out however you want in life as long as you comply with their mandates. We don’t even have an adequate amount of research to show that masks helped “slow the spread” in the first place.

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