Chicago Mayor Blames City Crimes On Gun Dealers & Racism

Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot is using all of the complaints in the liberal handbook to make up for her poor attitude. Her reputation has gotten so bad that more than a dozen staff members have quit or resigned over the past year. Between refusing to grant interviews to white reporters and sending intimidating ‘The Shining’ style emails to her staff members, Lightfoot is rubbing everyone the wrong way. But according to her, it’s due to the fact that she’s a black woman and everyone else is racist.

A Tribune reporter recently talked to Mayor Lightfoot about her temperament and asked how many of the complaints were “due to the color of her skin.” Sort of a strange entry question, but okay. Lightfoot’s answer was worse.

“About 99 percent. Look at my predecessors. Did people say that Rich Daley held sessions with people that he disagreed with? Rahm Emanuel was a polite guy who was an uniter? No. Women and people of color are always held to a different standard. I understand that, I’ve known that my whole life,” Lightfoot said.

But according to Lightfoot’s ex-employees, they detailed the Mayor’s erratic behavior and abusive language, even threatening politicians not to come to her for anything if they failed to vote in her favor. In May, an email from Lightfoot was released to the public in which she repeated a sentence 16 times and bullied a top aide for not giving her enough “ time.”

She was even labeled “America’s Worst Mayor” as crime rates in the city continue to spike. Over the weekend ending June 27, there were a total of 46 shooting incidents. 74 were shot and six people died. Lightfoot has tried to blame the rise in crime on federally licensed gun dealers, claiming that they were selling to criminals and straw purchasers. She said people can “go across the border into these states” like Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and buy military-grade weapons of any quantity to bring back to .

Lightfoot has continued to push gun control measures, such as banning assault rifles, even though nearly all of the gun violence in the city has been committed with handguns, not the weapons she seeks to ban. New’s Tucker Carlson pointed out how all low IQ political leaders give the “same talk about gun control and assault weapons.”

Nearly 1,500 people have been shot in this year, which is a 12% increase compared to 2020 and a 59% increase compared to 2019. But Lightfoot has continued to blame the violence in her city on the COVID-19 pandemic, gun dealers, and racism.

She even declared racism as a “public crisis” last month and pointed to systemic racism as the leading factor for crime and life expectancy discrepancies across the city. According to the Department of Public , there is a 9.2-year life expectancy gap between Black and non-Black Chicagoans. She said they would transfer nearly $10 million in COVID-19 relief funds from the CDC to establish six “Healthy Equity Zones” for the city.

While it is Lightfoot’s right to believe whatever she wants, she can’t portray herself as an activist while sitting in the Mayor’s . She has to be able to work with all people instead of just playing the race card whenever necessary. It’s almost become a cliche at this point that the left blames everything on race.

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