Mental Future of Kids Protected From Dangerous Lifestyles

The liberal teaching that a man loving a man can adopt a child and pretend to be a family is poisonous to society. These people seek to force their unnatural will on everyone by attacking agencies such as the Catholic Social Services. CSS is an organization that helps families adopt children. But they refuse to offer such services to gay couples that want to pretend to be a real family.

CSS is a religious organization that liberals are bullying to compromise their beliefs. Same-sex couples push what they want on people by claiming that they are mistreated because of their lifestyle choices.

CSS and other organizations do not offer services to same-sex couples because of the danger they pose to young people. And it would violate their doctrinal beliefs. The City of Philadelphia is threatening CSS to bar them from offering adoption services because of their stance. CSS is a big part of the Catholic Church that holds that “marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman.”

The City tried to force CSS to permit same-sex couples the right to adopt. But they refused, and that is what drove the matter to the Supreme Court.

The Democrats the Supreme Court because of the conservative makeup that currently exists. They have repeatedly threatened to pack the court with liberals so they could take control and be able to do whatever they want with the country. But the Supreme Court is not about to be bullied by liberal politics.

The High Court ruled in favor of the Catholic organization to exclude adoption services from same-sex couples. The decision that was made had 9-0 support. However, the court ruled unanimously to uphold the right of the religious organization to operate as their beliefs guided them.

The unity of the court sent a clear message to the Democrats that they would not be bullied into voting in favor of liberal beliefs. Instead, they will rule Constitutionally and not compromise the basics of the founding documents that govern the United States. America is a nation under God and is governed by a morality based on biblical principles.

The Constitution prohibits any governing body from limiting or dictating how a religious organization can operate. People have the right to exercise their faith without people or leaders dictating what is acceptable or not.

Freedom of religion was a significant issue during the pandemic when the liberals tried to limit worship and services in churches around the country. And the cases that have made it to the Supreme Court were found in favor of the religious institutions.

For Democrats and same-sex couples to try and dictate religious practices and force places to give them what they want is a violation of First Amendment rights. Religious organizations are usually not held to the civil definitions that cater to liberal teachings. And the court’s ruling upholds their right to practice their beliefs without interference from outside entities wanting to make a political statement.

The cities language in the court case is one reason why the court ruled the way it did. The decision of the court noted that “As the Court’s opinion today explains, the government contract at issue provides for individualized exemptions from its nondiscrimination rule, thus triggering strict scrutiny. And all nine Justices agree that the City cannot satisfy strict scrutiny. I, therefore, see no reason to decide in this case whether Smith should be overruled, much less what should replace it.”

The Democrats may continue their push to legalize unnatural lifestyles and force religious establishments to accept a way of life deemed wrong based on religious convictions. But they will not be able to enforce such laws because of the Constitution. They need a liberal court to skirt around the legal documents of the country.

But as long as the court is determined to uphold the Constitution, the liberals will never be able to destroy America. Instead, they will have to be content with the fact that true freedom exists within America, which draws people to want to be citizens of the best country in the world.

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