Biden’s Most Horrifying Move is One No One is Talking About

The United States of America is under attack by a silent enemy. The Democratic media loves to force people to focus on their puppet Joe Biden. By keeping attention on the old man, the media can keep the real enemy in the shadows. Real power lives on long after a president leaves office in the bureaucracies scattered across the country.

Biden may be able to leave a path of destruction all along his time of service. But his impact will eventually fade. And all that people will remember of Joe Biden is how his mind failed him and how he made a spectacle of himself and others.

Donald Trump was one man that could not be considered a weak president. he stood up to the powerful bureaucrats that want to control the White House. He did not let them bully him around.

But Joe Biden is that weak president that is easily manipulated into doing things for his mighty overlords. The bureaucrats make regulations, target elected officials that will not work for them, and seek to turn society into a mark that they can capitalize on. Financial manipulation is their goal. And the secretive part is that they keep their names from public knowledge.

Joe Biden is the president of corruption. The bureaucrats protected him so they could use him as their instrument of control. They needed a weak president so they could expand their control. The corrupt system that they want is about to expand by Joe Biden.

The influential leaders of society want to expand their boundaries. So they need Biden to set up a system where anyone that speaks out in the name of freedom can be branded as a terrorist and be arrested. Biden will have his people target Republicans to keep them out of the way so their bureaucratic controllers can control the dollar.

All the Democrats see around them are white people walking around with bombs in their pockets. The liberals need to brand anyone they want as an extremist, so they push the white supremacy narrative to make people believe that the group is an organized force flowing through the country.

There is a vast difference between a person with a white complexion and a person that goes around racial profiling people and harming them. Actual white supremacists are people who want to destroy the country and any person who does not look like them. The Democrats classify any person who disagrees with them as a white supremacist to mark them as a terrorist ripe for Biden’s picking.

It is certainly not the worst threat that America faces. The Chinese and Russian nations are more of a threat to America than internal force could ever be. But when a weak president is sitting in the White House and pointless liberals leaders, the extremist groups tend to be a little more upfront with their attacks.

No one likes it when they attack. They seem to come out when the Democrats need them and when Biden is at his weakest.

But for Biden to claim that they are the biggest America has ever faced is nonsense. City gangs are more of a problem than a few extremists will ever be.

The issue is not whether or not extremists exist or are a problem. But the real issue is with how Biden plans on handling them. His definition of what constitutes an extremist leaves a lot open for interpretation.

The cost associated with dealing with extremists is a waste of money by Joe Biden and his crew. The president will be known as a wasteful president that killed millions of jobs and let progressive liberals run wild. And he will forget all about it because he cannot remember anything from the day before.

Everything that the Democrats are working out is for their selfish interests. And the only way to put a stop to it is for a conservative to step into the office and take down one corrupt entity at a time. Then America can get back to being the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

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  1. Now that we know the FBI is running these “white supremist gangs” they will march them out whenever the Democrats need a distraction from their crimes.

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