Democrat Campaign Volunteer Stabbed Multiple Times In The Bronx, So Much For A Gun Ban Fantasy

Democrats have been dragged for wanting to defund the police and allow crime to run rampant through the cities. As New York City is preparing for its mayoral primary, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro pointed out a question that candidates were given in their final debate.

Candidates were asked what they would ban in New York City if given the opportunity. While the answers ranged from unhealthy drinks to ATVs, Shapiro ironically pointed out that nobody said crime. Over the last few months, we’ve seen that nobody cares about the “progressive” issues of bike lanes or a higher minimum wage when the crime is rising. Polls have pointed to order and public safety – nothing else.

A New York Post Poll presents 29.4% of Democratic voters ranked crime as their most important issue, with the second big issue, housing, with 10.6%. Another poll conducted by the Manhattan Institute found that 52% of New Yorkers are also worried about crime, as the number of violent felonies continues to rise each month.

A report found that the number of violent felonies on the New York subway from April to May rose three times higher than in 2019, from 64 to 116. The murder rate is also 53% higher than in 2019 and pedestrian deaths are up 21%. But hey, climate change right?

In a recently obtained video, a campaign volunteer for New York City Mayoral candidate Eric Adams was stabbed multiple times on a Bronx street over the weekend. As the victim fell to the ground, the attacker appears to keep knifing him.

The suspect fled on foot accompanied by another man and was last seen wearing a white tank top, camouflage shorts, and red sneakers. His accomplice was wearing a gray sweater with the word “Privileged” on the front. An ice pick and a knife were found at the scene. They didn’t use a gun so that destroys the liberal’s fantasy of banning guns for everyone (and shows that the problem isn’t guns).

Adams served as Brooklyn borough president and is a former New York Police Department captain. He said he would be visiting the volunteer in the hospital and that he is “doing fine” out of surgery.

“We visited him, and I spoke with him at the hospital, and the video was just horrific. Someone came up behind him and repeatedly stabbed him. The police department’s conducting a thorough investigation. The video was there, and that’s why it’s so important to use technology to add another layer on public protection in the city,” Adams said.

It is unclear whether or not the stabbing was related to the victim’s work on the campaign. Adams has been leading in the polls as a law and order candidate and was backed by George Floyd’s brother.

You’d think Adams would do more good for his volunteer, but it’s clear there is no effective law enforcement and that criminals are ruling the streets. Liberal-washed law enforcement policies have been proven to make the problem worse. They cut off guns, give more money, hand out lenient sentences, and expect things to magically get better.

Crime continues to explode and the quality of life is collapsing in Democrat-run New York. When you continue to convince people that they are the victims of “systemic racism,” they feel justified in acting out against the state and wreaking havoc upon society. It’s the Democrat’s game of creating so much violence that people beg for Big Government to come in and clean up the mess…even though they caused it in the first place.

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