MSNBC Labels Republican Politicians as Terrorists That Need to Be Destroyed

Liberals see the Republican Party as a bunch of people looking to destroy America and murder everyone who calls it home. They see conservatives as terrorists to progressive ideology. And would like nothing more than to be able to slaughter them every time they get in the way of liberals pressing their agenda on people.

The progressive media also feels the same way. They support the insane ideas that come out of the head of a demented president. They even help attack conservatives by trying to make them look foolish in front of the world’s stage.

One such person is Frank Figliuzzi. He represents the people that would love nothing more than to strip away the freedoms that define American and make it a great place to live. One of his Figliuzzi is a former FBI nut job that tried to pass off the idea that a commission is set up to pick candidates that are worthy of running for president. He wanted to take that choice away from the people and put it in the hands of a corrupt Democratic Party. That would be the easy way for them to control politics for the next two hundred years.

Figliuzzi had to open his mouth a second time and admit that the federal government needed to start throwing into prison Republican leaders because of the conservative stance they take on making laws. He wants anyone who disagrees with the establishment to be arrested over any issue they would disagree with.

His idea sets up a dictatorship based on communist ideology. Everyone will have to agree with the Democrats, or they will never see the light of day again. When he was done presenting his ignorant idea over the airways, all people could do was agree with him. He was surrounded by other liberal frauds that could do nothing but nod along in agreement instead of thinking out the ramifications of what he just said.

WATCH: “Arresting low-level operatives is merely a speed bump not a road block,” @FrankFigliuzzi1 says.

“In order to really tackle terrorism … you’ve got to attack and dismantle the command and control element.”

“That may mean people sitting in Congress right now.”

— Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) June 8, 2021

The FBI fake takes his idea back to the January protests at the Capitol Building. He sees a few actions of a few people as representative of an entire party. He even forgets that his beloved liberals have been found guilty of inciting violence, and yet nothing was ever done to them.

The media persona thinks they have all the facts and answers to every issue. But they cannot even correct simple stories before airing them on television. They told the nation that a Capitol Police person was killed in the hysteria, but that ended up being fake news because his death was not related to the events that transpired.

The Capitol Building tour on January 6 was not the coup that the media made it out to be. It should have happened, but how the media portrays events of the day leave a lot to be desired. They thrive on bogus moments and excitement of the moment.

The issue is not about what happened on January 6 or even why it affects the thinking of the FBI man. The real problem is much deep than what is being told.

The Democrats hate Republicans because they are the other political party that stands in the way of them being able to reshape America into a full-blown dictatorship. They want to criminalize any person that would stand in their way. And people like Figliuzzi are just the open windows that the Democrats fear revealing the truth behind what they are trying to do with their massive spending bills.

The very idea of prison time for being a Republican is not too far off from being crazy or from becoming a reality. All it would take is for a few more people to vote with Biden and Harris, and the laws can change overnight.

The Commission that Figliuzzi wanted to set up to arrest conservatives would never see the light of day. But the fact that the Democrats even considered the idea should have every American, liberal or not, concerned that Biden and Harris do not care about the people. All they want to do is set up a way for them to stay in power for years to come.


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  1. When a political party comes to power, AND DEDICATES THE MAJORITY OF THEIR ACTIVITY CHANGING THE VERY LAWS OF A NATION SO THEY CAN STAY IN POWER FOREVER, THE CITIZENS SHOULD BE WORRIED AS THIS “PERMANENT” SILENCING OF THEIR OPINIONS IS NOTHING SHORT OF A COUP TO INSTALL A DICTATORSHIP. Not even people who voted for the Democrats,can possibly agree with everything the DEMS have done. Ask the pipefitters who voted for BIDEN who were immediately laid off by Biden when he closed the XL Pipeline! The “RACISM” card is used so much by these idiots it is removing its legitimacy, as portraying PHOTO I.D.S as RACIST would be equivalent to saying ALL DEMOCRATIC NATIONS ON EARTH ARE RACIST! By the way, IF YOU DON’T THINK THE COMMUNIST CHINESE, OVERWHELMINGLY HAN, ARE NOT RACISTS ASK THE UIGHURS, OR THE CANTONESE IN HONG KONG! I believe totalitarian regimes are OVERWHELMINGLY MORE RACIST THAN ANY DEMOCRACY! Please note ALL DEMOCRACIES REQUIRE PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP TO VOTE! In fact, in every OTHER DEMOCRACY IN THE WORLD THAT HAD AN ELECTION DURING THE PANDEMIC REQUIRED PHOTO I.D. TO VOTE! Only America, THE PREEMINENT GLOBAL DEMOCRACY HAD A VOTING METHOD, INSTALLED AT THE LAST MINUTE, BREAKING SEVERAL LAWS, AS IN MICHIGAN, BY PARTISAN DEM GOVERNORS THAT ALLOWED DEAD PEOPLE THE VOTE! ALSO CHILDREN OF DEMOCRATS! Now, the DEMS say the vote was legitimate, but FIGHT AUDITS WITH EVERY PENNEY THEY HAVE! There seems to be MORE DEM LAWYERS, perhaps that’s because it is easier to be a DEM lawyer as you don’t seem to need to know what the law is!

    • Every damn Democrat knows exactly what happened in the last election and most of them just don’t care. I see no way to eliminate this Communist plague without a war. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Taiwan Commoner, you are so right. In my opinion, the biggest threat to our nation is not Global Warming as the Biden Crime Family Patriarch told the military, it is the DemocRATS! They change laws, lie and deceive in every way they can to remain in power.
    Our elections will be rigged for the next 40 years, and we will have communist running our country’s if we don’t put a stop to it ASAP!
    These Dem Governors are very sick people, and you DEMOC-RATS keep voting these people in. Look at California and all of the problem they have had in the last 40 years. Hollywood is running the show. Stop spending your hard earned money on the movies, albums, and watching the TV programs that are just there to make these mental midgets rich, they are indoctrinating our kids and our cities are being burned every night. What is wrong with you liberals, no common sense ?

  3. NO it should be the communist democratics and others that do not uphold Our Constitution as Written that is Treason and should be arrested and prosecuted for Treason, that includes all politicians, judges, military, police, Our Constitution as Written is the main law of this country, that made it the best in world, now We the People must demand any and all that , Twist, Ignore, or try to Change Our Constitution as Written by charged with Treason, prosecuted, deport, prison, or Firing Squad depending of the crimes against America, American people and Our Constitution as Written

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