Lesbian Kisses are Approved Family Friendly Entertainment

What’s considered family-friendly has changed dramatically over the years. In order to earn a “G” or “PG” rating years ago, there would have to be absolutely no sex, no violence, and no questionable morals.

Now, it seems that Disney has stripped away all of its morals. What they play is considered family-friendly simply because of their brand. Yet, many parents will deem the content to be quite questionable.

In a new family sports drama on Disney+, there will be a teenage lesbian kiss.

No warnings. No red flags.

Imagine watching an “innocent” TV show on Disney+ with your family. Suddenly, two teenage girls lean in for a kiss. Suddenly, you’re bombarded with questions from your elementary-aged children about why two girls are kissing.

While the LGBTQ+ community has grown and many schools are teaching that the community exists, there are still issues. Disney+ shouldn’t be the one forcing the issue and forcing tolerance. Many Christians still believe that homosexuality is a sin. Therefore, it’s not an issue that should be deemed as “family-friendly.”

The new show is called “Big Shots” and is a TV show featuring John Stamos. The show follows the premise that Stamos is a pro basketball coach that was fired for bad behavior. He goes on to coach a girl’s high school basketball team. Meanwhile, two lesbian teens fall in love with each other.

In the episode “Everything to Me,” the show features an underage lesbian kiss.

It’s a shocking display because many families trust Disney+ to censor such things. After all, Disney has always embraced its Christian roots by unapologetically celebrating Christmas instead of any of the other winter holidays of other religions.

Hollywood has worked hard to change the way that TV characters interact with one another. TV was always supposed to be an escape from reality. Now, it is insisting that TV be consistent with reality. And groups such as GLAAD have fought hard to insert LGBTQ+ themes into the characters and storylines of TV – and this includes kid’s shows.

Why is it that transgender and gay storylines have to be introduced into a G-rated show or movie? Shouldn’t that automatically make it PG-13? Absolutely not. Nickelodeon was one of the first to encourage the introduction of LGBTQ+ stories into kid’s shows. And, GLAAD has wanted to introduce such themes to children for a while. They want to normalize LGBTQ+ characters at an early age so that children are comfortable.

The idea is to introduce the characters to kids so that they can comfortably come out of the closet. They can comfortably interact with LGBTQ+ members of society.

The problem ends up being who gets to have these conversations.

Should networks like Disney and Nickelodeon be doing the teaching? Or, should it fall on the parents to introduce children to such topics?

The problem is not that there’s an LGBTQ+ character. The problem isn’t even that there’s a lesbian kiss. The problem is that it’s in a TV-PG-rated TV show on Disney+.

There’s no kind of warning for parents. They will likely choose the show to watch because of it starring John Stamos or because their kids love basketball. They’ll sit down as a family to watch the show. Suddenly, they’ll watch as two teen girls kiss.

This is hardly a family-friendly show, especially if there’s no warning of such behavior. Where’s the warning? Virtually every other show will have a “trigger warning” if there is something racist or violent or sexual. Yet, because it’s the LGBTQ+ theme, the networks believe they can get away with no warning as a way to thrust their ideals on everyone.

The show and the rating are yet another way for the liberals to force tolerance and force acceptance. Meanwhile, parents across the U.S. will be forced into an uncomfortable conversation with their children to explain why two girls are kissing.

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