Biden Is Trying To Cancel Fourth Of July Fireworks & Gov. Noem Isn’t Having It

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem promised to appeal a recent court ruling that upheld the Biden Administration’s decision to cancel the Fourth of July fireworks at Mount Rushmore, adding that they are hoping to get back to stage the event in 2022. She said that the decision was purely political and that the fight isn’t over just yet. President Joe Biden continues to speak about being “free to live again” while canceling events contrary to the very freedom he’s talking about. They preach freedom but refuse to give up any control.

“The decision was really arbitrary, that’s why we’ll be appealing this decision, and the fight isn’t over. This is part of the radical left’s agenda. They don’t want to celebrate America or our freedoms. They’re pushing critical race theory. They’re pushing the 1619 Project. And this is just another one of those battles to erase our true, honest, and patriotic history in this country,” Gov. Noem told Fox News.

Noem shared that the National Park Service’s regional director Herbert Frost denied her permit request for this year’s Fourth of July event, citing health reasons relating to coronavirus, wildlife risks, environmental concerns, and ongoing construction at the national monument. But she said that is “just not honest” and that the state has addressed all concerns, along with a signed agreement by the NPS. She said she believes the decisions come down to her being a Republican governor and that it was all “political and punitive.”

Noem’s legal team is not done fighting yet as they plan to take up an appeal for next year’s celebrations. She said it’s quite “unfortunate” that they have a judge making such a political and arbitrary decision out of Biden’s administration, but that they won’t quit the fight because this country is worth it.

Judge Roberto A. Lange had ruled that the Court believes that the fireworks display is not a good idea and that under governing law, the state is unlikely to succeed on the merits of its claims and has not met the requirements for being able to do so.

“Ultimately, there are strong arguments in both directions as to the balance of harms, and the public interest in the short-term appears to lie with having the fireworks display, whereas more long-term interests militate against it at least for this year,” Lange said.

Last year, former President Donald Trump had signed for fireworks to be reestablished at the National Monument for the first time since 2009. But because the yearly fireworks show is being held on Federal land, Joe Biden is able to cancel it.

Independence Day has been celebrated every year at this iconic monument, but the Biden Administration continues to insist that climate change and social distancing guidelines are the reason for canceling the event, despite the recent CDC guidelines that have resulted in the return of large gatherings.

This is hardly the “unity” that Biden promised, but Gov. Noem is determined to bring back the annual event as soon as she can. Noem has been seen as a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2024 and a fireworks lawsuit might be enough to start boosting her national profile. She has vowed to bring back the Fourth of July festivities, arguing that Americans should focus on the leaders that led our country through challenging times and use them as an inspiration to move forward and protect our country in the future.

Time and time again, liberals have proven that they haven’t any loyalty to our country.

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