UPDATE: Study on Long Term Immunity to COVID Revealed

Democrats all over the country are worried over a report that has been released from the Washington University School of Medicine located in St. Louis. For over a year, they have pushed how important it was for people to get a vaccine and to stay at to keep from getting the coronavirus. They lied about the severity of the virus in people and made everyone believe that immunity would only be possible with a vaccination.

But that thought is not even close to the truth. The human body is designed to heal itself of most viral invaders. The study points out that people that contract the virus naturally and beat it with their immune system have an antibody that will keep them immune for life.

The Democrats hate this report because it takes away their ability to control people through fear.

The report noted that “Months after recovering from mild cases of COVID-19, people still have immune cells in their body pumping out antibodies against the virus that causes COVID-19, according to a study from researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Such cells could persist for a lifetime, churning out antibodies all the while.”

This is excellent news for the country since a person’s body is the best resource for killing the virus. The liberals have long said that herd immunity was not going to be a possibility. They pushed that wave after wave of new viral infections were going to come. And so far, there has not been anything close to the Armageddon that they promised would come. The only infections that showed up were in the states that they controlled.

The liberals do not want people to know that their bodies will beat it on their own. The vaccine should be for those that have trouble with their systems. But Joe Biden and his group of know-it-alls want to claim victory for vaccinating everyone and getting rid of the virus. But that can only happen if they can force everyone to get a shot.

The report told the obvious when it read that “During a viral infection, antibody-producing immune cells rapidly multiply and circulate in the blood, driving antibody levels sky-high. Once the infection is resolved, most such cells die off, and blood antibody levels drop. A small population of antibody-producing cells, called long-lived plasma cells, migrate to the bone marrow and settle in, where they continually secrete low levels of antibodies into the bloodstream to help guard against another encounter with the virus.”

The great thing is that people that still would have symptoms after the virus runs its course still had the same immunity as everyone else. The liberals are not sharing this good news with anyone. The media is not even mentioning the report. All because they do not want to lose control of what they have.

The study is looking into the people that suffer from severe symptoms. But many already believe that they were suffering from other issues that had compromised their system.

The facts show that the Democrats are lying to people. They do not want people to think that their bodies can heal themselves. Dr. Ali Ellebedy has stated that “That is exactly why we started the study. We knew that this was a misunderstanding of how our immune response works.” He just admitted that the liberals had just created the misunderstanding and were hoping to keep it around for a while.

Donald Trump had said all along that the virus was going to disappear. The liberals attacked him and said that he was lying. But now that this study has come out, it is clear who the liars are.

Rand Paul has stated all along that the body heals itself. But the liberals could not shut him up, so they nearly beat him to death. But that did not stop him from telling the truth and getting back to living once he healed from his injuries.

People are smart enough to make their own decision. They do not need the lies of the Democrats filling their heads with nonsense. The Republican Party stands with the people while the liberals stand for themselves.

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