Mike Pence Is Expected To Deliver A Major Speech, What Will He Have To Say?

Former Vice President Mike Pence has been scheduled to speak at the Hillsborough County GOP’s annual Lincoln-Reagans Awards Dinner in New Hampshire. The announcement further led to suspicion that Pence will be speculating a potential 2024 presidential bid – or if he’ll decide to toss in the hat.

This will be Pence’s second trip to an early presidential primate state this year, after visiting South Carolina in April to tour a medical school and give an address to the Palmetto Family Council, a Christian conservative nonprofit. His previous address criticized President Joe Biden and touted the accomplishments of the Trump Administration. He also shared his plans for advancing the principles of the Make America Great Again movement, along with traditional conservative principles.

State Republican National Committeeman Chris Ager wrote in a statement that the Hillsborough Republicans are ready to welcome Pence back to the Granite State and that the GOP has sold more tickets for this event than ever. Ager states they have sold more tickets for this event than ever before and that all of the top-dollar VIP reception tickets have completely sold out. Ager said he was delighted to be hosting Pence in New Hampshire and that ‘potential candidates’ visit the state all the time, but Pence was the first of the 2024 names to visit.

In a recent Politico poll regarding the 2024 Republican primary, former President Donald Trump currently dominates the field with a 48% lead while Pence came in second with 13% support. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has come in third place with 8% and Donald Trump Jr received 7% support. His performance in the Conservative Political Action Conference polls was poor, garnering just one percent support. He declined an invitation to appear at the CPAC this year, which was held in Orlando, Florida.

Pence’s second speech in New Hampshire will be to condemn the Democratic plans to suppress voting laws, particularly the Democrat’s HR1, known as the For the People Act. The bill has been seen as a massive power grab that could tilt elections in favor of Democrats for years to come.

“It’s expected to be a different speech than the one he delivered in South Carolina, and Pence plans to home in specifically on a select couple of issues like HR 1, which the New Hampshire Secretary of State has been a vocal opponent of,” an inside source reveals.

Pence previously condemned the bill for attempting to sweep aside state efforts to protect elections in favor of an attempt to nationalize elections. He said that it would turn a blind eye to the “very real problems at the state level” and further undermine the people’s confidence in elections.

Michael Biundo, a GOP consultant, said he does not think a 2024 Pence presidential bid would be a problem, although it’s too early to speculate. He said if you’re known to be a social conservative, then you have to ‘do the dance’ to speak to New Hampshire voters in a slightly different way but that the vice president has the accomplishments under the Make America Great Again agenda on his side.

While it remains unclear as to whether he would win his party’s nomination, a veteran GOP strategist shared that Trump voters will give Pence a lot of credit for being a loyal vice president, but that obviously on January 6, the president’s opinion of him changed. Ironically enough, the biggest challenge for Trump’s vice president may just be Trump himself.

Others pointed out that the GOP establishment will not stand with Pence in a 2024 bid, besides the Democrats, who will try to force MAGA into a corner and make the GOP lose any chance of getting their party back in the office. Democrats would only help Pence to avoid a 2024 Trump run.

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