GOP States Join to Fight Biden’s Failed Immigration Policies

In recent months, it has become glaringly obvious that what the Biden administration has done at our southern border isn’t working. Instead of the border crisis being fixed, as Biden promised it would be, the number of illegal crossings and those housed in border facilities have only increased.

In March, the highest number ever of illegal border crossings occurred, with a large percentage of those being unaccompanied minors. And since then, those numbers have only risen.

Naturally, some states have taken a keen interest in the ever-growing crisis.

Texas and Arizona, in particular, have made efforts in recent months to combat Biden’s new immigration policies, which are essentially a reversal of everything the former administration did.

In Arizona, Attorney General Mark Brnovich has promised to do everything in his power to keep Arizonans safe and protected, both physically and financially. And so his office is suing the Biden administration.

Brnovich said in an interview with Fox News, “As attorney general, I have certain tools in my toolbox, and I have said I am going to do everything I can to enforce the rule of law and to protect hard-working American taxpayers.”

His main problem with how the Biden admin is running things, or at least what this particular suit focuses on, is the lack of enforcement guidelines.

As Fox reported, Biden has basically made it so that Immigration and Customs and Enforcement or ICE officials have to ask for permission or get “pre-approval” to deport migrants from their higher-ups, unless they can prove that they pose a safety risk.

As both Arizona and the state of Missouri see it, this makes it much more difficult for immigration agents to do their job and increases the number of illegal immigrants in the states at any given time.

And in a separate suit, the two states have been joined by Texas to file a preliminary injunction against Biden’s federal government, asking that it reinstates the Migrant Protection Protocols. If you don’t remember what these are, also known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy,  it is the agreement the Trump administration came to with Mexico that keeps those seeking passage into the US in Mexico until their appointed court hearing.

This heavily cuts down on the number of people being detained in US border towns and facilities that are right now overcrowded and under-sourced, as well as decreases crime causes by those not fully vetted.

As Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt says, “We’re asking the court to side with our office and issue a preliminary injunction, which would require the Biden Administration to reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols. My office will never back down from fighting human trafficking and ensuring that all six million Missourians are safe.”

Now, it’s essential to point out that Texas has already filed one lawsuit against the Biden administration and won.

Remember back when Biden said he was going to put a 100-day freeze on deportations nationwide? Well, Texas proved that executive order to be unconstitutional.

As Texas AG Ken Paxton said in a statement at the time, “This is a big win for Texas and the nation. It sends a clear message to the Biden administration that they will not be able to violate federal immigration law and endanger the lives of Texans.”

Now, the trio of states is hoping for another equally rewarding win.

As Paxton says, “This Administration’s failed policies have only exacerbated the crisis at our southern border, and further exhausted the regular duties of our law enforcement officers.”

And he’s not wrong.

Hell, even the Democrats are starting to see that as truth and forcing Biden to walk back on several immigration policies he put in place on day one in office. The biggest is that of former President Donald Trump’s wall.

In trying to prove himself better than Trump, Biden has reversed nearly every policy his predecessor touched. But as it turns out, being better shouldn’t be the goal. The goal should be to do what is best for the American people, no matter what that costs you.

And right now, Biden and his staff are learning that first hand, as what is good for the people turns out to be everything Trump did.

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