60 Days Later…Where’s Kamala Harris?

It has been 60 days and Vice President Kamala Harris is making it abundantly clear that she does not want to visit the U.S border – in fact, the last time she visited was in 2018 to protest former President Donald Trump. She practically rushed to join protesters outside of the Otay Mesa Detention Center and criticize one of Trump’s policies.

“I spoke with the mothers who are there, and my heart is broken. These mothers in there think that they are alone. We need to remind them and everyone else that they are not alone, and that we all stand with them. I’m a career prosecutor. I have visited many prisons and jails. That is a prison. You walk through the halls and the doors clink shut and there are bars on the windows,” Harris said at the time.

But it seems that if she remotely cared about the lives of migrants or even law-abiding Americans, she would’ve visited the Border by now. Between brushing off what she’s planning to do to tackle the border crisis and laughing off reporter’s questions about when she’ll visit, the American people have grown frustrated over the vice president’s lack of concern.

Iowa Rep. Ashley Hinson is so frustrated with the growing crisis that she has introduced a bill to restrict the Vice President from using taxpayer funds to travel until she visits the Southern border. She told Fox News that VP Harris is putting yarn shops and bakeries before the border and the American people.

“She’s Zoomed with the Mexican president, but I think that sends the absolute wrong message to the men and women that are putting their lives on the line every day, not to mention the men and women and families that live in these communities along the border and the communities of Iowa — every state is a border state,” Rep. Hinson said.

VP Harris currently has a trip planned for June, which includes meetings with the presidents of Guatemala and Mexico. She said that the trip is intended to “pave inroads” with foreign leaders through the use of foreign aid and address the “root causes” of the border crisis.

New Mexico Rep. Yvette Herrell criticized Harris for not visiting the border and wrote a letter asking her to bring knowledgeable lawmakers on the trip to see if there is a solution to be made with foreign leaders. She said it is “imperative” that the discussions with Mexico and Central American governments include members of Congress, especially those from border communities. She said that Biden’s plan to send foreign aid to Central America to exacerbate the border is “weak at best” and that the foreign aid will do little to stop the flow of families, especially when Biden’s administration is telling the world that America’s borders are open.

So far, a total of twenty Republican governors have sent a letter to President Biden demanding he takes further action to solve the border crisis. They said it is “unacceptable and unsustainable” to allow the federal government to place an unlimited amount of migrant kids into state facilities for an unspecified length of time. They said that they neither have the resources nor the obligation to foot this problem or its bill.

The GOP governors called the Biden Administration’s actions “misguided” and that their federal policies were reckless.

“The rhetoric of the Biden administration and the rollback of critical agreements with our allies have led to the inhumane treatment of tens of thousands of children and undermined a fragile immigration system,” the letter reads.

At this point, lawmakers are calling it “open borders” with numbers that continue to skyrocket. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers saw April’s numbers spike up 944% when compared to last year. In April 2020, border patrol agents encountered 17,106 illegal immigrants at the border. This April, they encountered 178,622 illegal immigrants.

Officials have been so overwhelmed that they’ve been forced to release over 61,000 illegal immigrants since February without even a notice to appear in court. While Biden Administration officials bragged that ICE deportations saw the “lowest monthly level on record,” it was because their hands were tied in doing so.

As the crisis rages, VP Harris can’t even be bothered to visit the border. She doesn’t even believe that there is a border crisis….but we know there is one because President Biden’s policies created it. The numbers prove that.

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