Faulty Fauci Grows a Brain and Starts to Think Like a Doctor

Drunken Anthony Fauci finally has come out of his Democratic hangover and realized the error of his ways and COVID-19. The annoying little man that loves to change his story has become America’s favorite doctor to hate. Each time his mouse-looking face graces the day, news people cannot help but gag and turn off their television sets.

Fauci is the man that flips flops more than a pancake. Early on during the pandemic, he admitted that mask-wearing would not be a thing. But by the time the virus had spread far and wide, Fauci had come to tell people that they needed to cover their faces. And then it got so ridiculous as he would tell people to wear two or three masks at a time.

But something changed in the little man’s head over the weekend. It was as if he had come out of a drunken state trying to find out what year it was. But to the publics’ pleasant surprise, he was not as annoying or confusing as he has been in the past. And it would even sound like he was making sense to them.

The doctor decided that it would be best to start telling the truth about the COVID-19 vaccines. The sad part is that the news is old, and everyone already knows the information because they learned about it through experience.

Like every Democratic doctor, Fauci is a man that wants to act like what he knows is brand new. He wants all the credit. He is hard-pressed to give credit to Donald Trump for developing the vaccine. But his desire for fame and prestige has only dehydrated his soul. Fauci has pushed the American people to the brink of insanity with his views on mask-wearing and vaccination craziness.

The liberals are trying to force the vaccine on people. Blue states follow the CDC guidelines and tell people that if they are vaccinated, they no longer need to wear a mask. Somewhere along the way, they forgot that millions of people are immune to the virus because their bodies developed antibodies when they were sick. The vaccine causes the body to develop the same antibodies because it must fight off the weakened form of the virus that the liberals are shooting into a person’s body.

He deserves no credit for his work during the pandemic months. Much of what he has done is how Nate Silver has put “gaslighting” the nation over pandemic matters. He has caused such a divisive spirit that people are willing to attack others to violate the sacred mask rule physically.

Fauci’s announcement of his groundbreaking information was that “So even though there are breakthrough infections with vaccinated people, almost always the people are asymptomatic and the level of virus is so low it makes it extremely unlikely — not impossible but very, very low likelihood — that they’re going to transmit it.”

Everyone already knew that about the vaccine because that is the way a vaccine works. The shot is put into the person, and their body works at building up antibodies that will be used to kill it off when it shows up the next time. It is the same way the body works when it catches it and has to beat it without a vaccine. The antibodies are the result.

The nation must stop listening to the so-called experts and start living a life based on commonsense. There was a time about 18-months ago when the country was ruled by commonsense. No one had to be told to cover their mouths or wash their hands. It was something that everyone was already doing. If a person was sick, they stayed home.

But the Democrats feel that they must control even the smallest part of life because they believe that people are stupid and cannot think for themselves. But the truth is that people are far more competent than then liberals ever will be.

The Democrats politicized the virus and played on people’s fear to the point that people were willing to kill each other for not wearing a mask that has long been proven ineffective with the virus. The pandemic is gone, and life has proven once again that the Democrats are worthless in the battle against the virus and the spreading of the truth.

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