When Does an Immigrants Temporary Protection Status Allow Them to Abuse the Law? Easy Answer? When Joe Biden Is President. This Ought to Rock Your World

Similar to the famed soup nazi from the TV comedy show, Seinfeld, the Supreme Court is being pressed to say, “No Green Card for you” in a controversial debate over which group of immigrants should be issued a ticket to paradise and which ones shouldn’t be. Currently, if an individual resides in the US illegally, applying for a green card is not an option. They need to return from whence they came and come back the correct way.

But if the Biden administration gets their way, thousands of illegal immigrants currently residing in the US under their long-expired TPS, (Temporary Protected Status,) would be allowed to seek permanent residency. The Biden administration has been quick to point out that under federal law these particular illegals haven’t a leg to stand on, but they should, and they’re all about changing the rules.

Immigrants residing in the US with temporary statuses have generally sought protection from war-torn and violent countries, and though they have the legal right to live and work in the US, when and if things settle down in their originating countries, they lose that status and are “supposed” to return.

But here is where the problem lies according to immigrant advocacy groups. Currently, over 400,000 immigrants reside in the US under TPS, and a great number of them have lived here for many years. Not only have their children been born here, but the biggest majority of them have pursued long-term careers and settled into their respective towns and neighborhoods, the same as US citizens by birth.

The Justice Department doesn’t care about any of this. Their stance has been the same for the past 30 years and it has shared the approval of previous administrations on the left and the right. Temporary means exactly what the word implies. Enter, Joe Biden.

President Grandpa wants to give these folks a viable pathway to citizenship. Disregarding how the majority of them lied about their need for seeking refuge or snuck through a border, their reasons for remaining no longer apply. But Biden believes they have proved their worth and that should be good enough reason to be granted citizenship.

Congressional liberals support changing up the game and have already passed new legislation to grant Biden his pie in the sky wishes, but it still needs to get past the house, and this is where a bloody battle is certain to ensue.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, approaching the issue from his conservative standpoint, said the court should be “careful about tinkering with the immigration statutes as written.” He then posed the question, “why should we jump in here when Congress is very focused on immigration?” Kavanaugh believes the Supreme Court shouldn’t be involved in this decision process whatsoever.

Justice Clarence Thomas, shrugging his shoulders, said “they clearly were not admitted at the borders. So is that fiction? Is it metaphysical? What is it? I don’t know.” He would just as soon wash his hands of the matter.

The match that ignited this fire was the result of an El Salvadorian couple who fled to the US in the late 1990s and are still here. This was prior to legal protection being granted to El Salvadorians in 2001 due to non-stop earthquakes rocking their home country and putting their lives in danger. Not only did the couple jump the gun prior to this legal protection being granted, but they never went home after the rumbling stopped.

Hoards of citizens from other countries who were at one time offered US protection status due to an immense variety of reasons have also remained. Countries at one time being offered protection were Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

What this all boils down to is the fact that almost half a million immigrants who are enjoying life within America’s borders have no right to be here. They either crossed a border illegally and then applied for protection, or were welcomed here temporarily as a matter of goodwill and decency.

But these illegals have abused their privileges. For all intents and purposes, regardless of their dozens of children or their chosen careers as chicken choppers and convenience store clerks, they gotta go. Pronto. Follow the exit signs.

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