New NFL Memo Mandates Vaccine For Staff & Players

The National Football League recently shared a memo to all 32 teams, including staff members, coaches, and trainers, that they should all be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they have a bona fide medical or religious reason for not doing so. The news came from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, John Mara, the league’s executive committee chair, and NFL’s health and safety committee chair John York.

It goes on to warn that anyone who doesn’t fit into that category or refuses vaccination will be ineligible for Tier 1 or 2 status, which allows permitted access to the football-only restricted area or to work in close proximity with players. Forcing an experimental drug on someone who tests negative for a virus is not science, it’s propaganda.

The memo reads that stadiums and training facilities would be used as vaccination sites, players and staff members would participate in vaccine information sessions to learn about the benefits of the vaccine, and that teams would be required to report weekly on the number of employees who have been vaccinated. “In light of expanded vaccine eligibility, it is appropriate now to take further steps to educate about and promote vaccine availability and acceptance within the NFL,” the memo reads.

The league is also discussing a set of protocol changes that could apply to clubs after reaching a certain vaccination level including relief from testing requirements, PPE use, physical distancing, travel, and other subjects. At this point, ‘woke’ companies and corporations are taking away your constitutional freedoms in exchange for a vaccine. Then they’ll ‘reward’ you with the freedoms they took away in the first place.

Other county executives are also beginning to push vaccine initiatives within sports. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz announced that those attending Bills or Sabres games for the 2021-2022 season are required to be vaccinated. He made the announcement during a news briefing and talked about the “tremendous slowdown” of vaccine appointments, adding that the vaccine is the only way to have a full house for games. All fans must be fully vaccinated, including children, for entry.

Rachel Bush, the wife of Bills safety Jordan Poyer, lashed out at the vaccine memo and talked about her experience having COVID-19, as well as the unconstitutional policy at play. She said she was incredibly alarmed by the amount of Americans who think it’s perfectly okay for the government to force an experimental vaccine on people.

“We have pregnant wives. Wives who are breastfeeding. Wives who have already had COVID (so it’s dangerous to get vaccinated now) etc etc. NONE of us are comfortable with getting the vaccine. NONE of us should be forced to do so in order to watch our husbands play live,” Bush tweeted.

NBC reporter Michael Wooten wrote in response to Bush that she was sharing “misinformation” about vaccines. Bush adds that she doesn’t understand how her opinion can trigger so many people and that she is simply fighting for our rights and freedom. It is your choice to get a vaccine, not a requirement. She also shared a petition calling on the sports leagues to challenge and alter the new vaccine policy.

In other words, any employee or player that refuses to get the vaccine won’t be able to do their job to the best of their abilities and any family member that refuses will be denied access into the stadium to watch loved ones play. At this point, the NFL is saying “hey it’s your choice but if you don’t get the shot, then you can’t do these things anymore.” Get the vaccine or else. That’s the liberal way.

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