Censorship Takes New Turn as Twitter Ignores Oppression Turned Greedy

Black Lives Matter is not the group of reformers that liberals think they are. Their leaders and followers have not been the force of change that many hoped they would be. When people reach out to them to help them with racial profiling cases, they turn them down and beg for money. There have even been cases where they turned down people of their own color.

Their refusal to help people while asking for donations proves that they are not interested in getting their hands dirty to push for reform. They would instead do what Patrisse Kahn-Cullors has done and spend the donations are themselves.

Kahn-Cullors is supposed to be a public figure fighting for reform and fairness. But the only thing that her terrorist group has done is loot and kill. They attack people standing by as they march around cities, and they destroy public and private property.

For some time, Kahn-Cullors has mysteriously acquired vast amounts of money and spend it on homes in areas such as the Bahamas and other desirable locations. These multi-million-dollar purchases could only be possible by her providing herself with lavish pay and deliberate misspending of donated funds.

As a public figure, she should be open to criticism and praise from a wide range of people. But what is being discovered is that any and all negative postings about the thief are being censored off of the social media site Twitter.

The Twitter publishing house did the same evil deed when it censored conservatives and Donald Trump during the 2020 election. They just could not let any lousy publicity get out about their Democratic favorites. It was their way of influencing an election with the hopes of guiding it toward the desired result.

Jonathan Turley is a law professor at George Washington. He brought the evil deed to the light that Twitter had censored Jason Whitlock for posting a tweet about how Cullors had purchased the property in Topanga Canyon valued at $1.4 million.

Whitlock had posted that “Black Lives Matter founder buys $1.4 million home in Topanga, which has a black population of 1.4%. She’s with her people!” She buys a property with questionable funds in an area that is not predominantly black. Whitlock was making the point that if she is so favorable to people of color, she will live in areas where they are found.

Cullors is a person that is considered a public figure, so her activities are not going to be private. People have the right to talk about their activities. If Cullors was so private, she should not have stepped into the public sector, where her activities would be scrutinized.

The liberal nutcases took the post as a racial attack. They thought that people should not know what she is purchasing. A person who goes from never being able to afford such properties to buy four different ones will raise suspicion.

Social media publishers such as Twitter enjoy special treatment under a federal law that prohibits people from suing them to remove their posts. They use this protection to redefine what private means and to who it can be applied. Conservatives are the ones that are being censored. Any liberal that attacks a Republican is never censored; their postings remain for all to read.

Twitter works for the Democratic Party. Whenever they need censoring, or fake information passed around, they enlist their social media outlets’ services. Twitter is no better than Black Lives Matter because they function as a liberal thug account seeking to harm people who disagree with the established norm.

Cullors is a person that has sold her soul to the devils in the Democratic Party. She has been paid a lot of money to perform acts of violence against innocent people. She hides behind the racial card and acts as she cares about people of color, but in the end, she is willing to hurt them as well so she can buy her next tropical paradise home. And with Twitter covering her actions, she is set to retire on other people’s money that was conned into supporting her lavish lifestyle.

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