Biden Press Secretary’s Shady Answer to Biden’s Strategy Session With Former Diplomat Has Conservatives Running Scared

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki once again put half the nation’s teeth on edge when talking about President Joe Biden’s pow-wows with a former diplomat that many Americans are not delighted with, according to The Daily Wire.

According to Psaki’s comments during Tuesday’s press briefing, the current president speaks to former President Barack Obama on a regular basis, but despite constant pressure from the journalists present, she would not disclose what the pair talked about, despite clear promises by the current administration’s promises to be transparent.

Psaki made the remarks during the following exchange:

REPORTER: President Obama is taking part, I think within the next hour, in an event with Protect Our Care, talking about the Affordable Care Act. Has — has he — the question is: Has he visited the White House yet? Or, indeed, are there any — do you know how often he has spoken to President Biden? And are there any plans for him to take part in advocacy at administration events going forward?

PSAKI: Well, I will say, having a unique view of this question, they are not just — they were not just the President and Vice President; they are friends, and they consult and talk about a range of issues.

And, you know, I would expect that continues through the course of President Biden’s presidency. That can be done over the phone, it turns out. And I don’t — I think if President Obama had been here, you would all know; he’s a recognizable figure. But I expect, given former President Obama’s work on the Affordable Care Act, President Biden’s commitment to expanding access to healthcare throughout his presidency, that, you know, it’s an issue they’ll talk about. But in terms of what he’ll be involved in, I would point you to his team. Eric Schultz — I can give you his phone number if you need it.

REPORTER: Do you know how many times they’ve spoken since Inauguration Day?

PSAKI: I don’t have an exact number for you. You know, they keep in regular touch and our teams are in regular touch about a range of issues.

While it would not seem at all unlikely for the current president to speak to a former president. It also wouldn’t seem unlikely for a president to speak to someone whose administration he previously served with. The questions arise when it’s discovered that the administration doesn’t care to share what the pair have been talking about.

Not even a cursory “public policy” or “the same issues they worked on together under the Obama administration” or something that could generally be considered a blanket statement that would cover all possible issues.

The Biden administration has been disappointing to many, to say the least. Not only are conservatives frustrated, with what is a to be expected amount of frustration with the opposite party being in power, but many on the left are also up in arms.

Word of the Biden administration has signaled that they might soon begin funding for the border wall. They’ve continued the Trump administration vaccine rollout program. International policy with the United States’ allies has not gotten better, only deteriorated, and it appears that our relationship with those who are not particularly friendly to our existence, seems to be only getting more advantageous to the other side.

Yes, entitlements are going to be easier to get, and yes we’re in more debt now than we’ve ever been, and yes, those with gender dysmorphia (also known as transgenders) can now serve in the military. But really, what could the Biden administration possibly be worried about?

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