Air Force Adds Robot Dogs Since Liberals Don’t Like Human Security

There’s not enough diversity in the military anymore. And there are too many extremists. What are we to do? Someone needs to protect us!

Liberals on Capitol Hill love to complain about our military, yet they have no problem keeping National Guard troops there months past when it was necessary.

Since the liberals are afraid of extremists, the Air Force has had to think outside the box. It’s impossible to hire humans because there’s always a liberal who will cast a finger. The person is too white, too male, too Republican…

So, robot dogs have been given the go ahead to provide security.

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi and a few of the other liberals who demand security but don’t want to pay the military to do their job would prefer to have a few of these canines sniffing around DC.

The “robot dogs” are actually Q-UGVs. They’re quad-legged unmanned ground vehicles. They’ve been deployed to Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida to offer a new and added layer of security.

The semi-autonomous dogs have joined the 325th Security Forces Squadron. They’re the troops of the future because they don’t offer any kind of political leaning. They can’t be blamed for being extremist. They can’t play favorites due to diversity issues. And, there’s no need to make special uniforms for them based on religious or other beliefs.

These robotic dogs were designed by Ghost Robotics and Immersive Wisdom. Ghost Robotics has a history of providing quadruped robots for enterprise, defense, and homeland solutions.  Immersive Wisdom has provided game-changing real-time geospatial software for a while.

This technology can offer real-time videos on the go to ensure that the Ops Center has the sensor feeds they need to act on any suspicious behavior across the base.

Tyndall was considered the best base for them to be tested at because “across the base, every squadron has been pushing the envelope of how we do things and expanding our optics of what is possible.” Master Sgt. Krystoffer Miller, the SDS operations support superintendent is excited to welcome these dogs to the base.

Miller has explained that the base will be facing a significant amount of construction over the next few years. The security posture must be maintained and increased. The robotic dogs offer a significant amount of mobility that makes the process easier.

From a distance, the robot dogs look like ordinary dogs. They can run, jump, and roll over. They’re capable of so much more, however. They’re a mobile sensor platform. They’ll be able to increase situational awareness for the human airmen and defenders across the base.

The dogs are powered by on-board computers along with detection devise and cameras. Their mission is to identify threats before a human is faced with any potential danger. Additionally, the dogs are able to operate in even the most severe weather conditions. They can continue to perform when the weather gets as cold as -40 and as hot as 131 degrees.

With 14 sensors to create 360-degree awareness, these robot dogs certainly are an innovative tool to be used by the military. As for how many are at Tyndall is unknown. Assuming the test goes well, it’s likely that more of these Q-UGVs will be deployed to other bases across the country and around the globe.

Perhaps when there are more computers in the form of dogs to offer security, Pelosi can call off her own hounds to cool it on the finger-pointing of extremism. Really, she and the other liberals are only considered with potential Trump supporters. If there are any left-wing extremists, they’re more than welcome to stay.

Don’t worry, though. These dogs will sniff out any potential problems across bases. Perhaps they’ll get deployed to DC, soon. They can patrol the halls of the Capitol Building and even keep Biden’s two dogs out of some trouble. And, since the liberals hate cops, too, maybe police dogs will be sent to roam the toughest communities. At least, then, the liberals can’t blame issues on racism or extremism.

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