Wyoming Senator Shares His Experience Touring The Border

A few weeks ago, Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso shared that he would be taking a trip down to the southern border to inspect the crisis firsthand. He criticized President Joe Biden for talking about going to the border ‘at some point,’ but adds that the American people don’t have time to wait for whenever that is.

“Even the Biden administration admits, we’re on pace this year for the most illegal immigrants in 2 decades. So why is this happening? If you ask the migrants, they’ll tell you the answer. His name is Joe Biden,” Sen. Barrasso said.

At the peak of Joe Biden’s campaign, he promised amnesty and free healthcare for illegal immigrants. He sent a clear message to the world that if you come here, you won’t be turned around.

Sen. Barrasso recently spoke with ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ host Maria Bartiromo about what he saw on his trip to the border and shares that migrants are being packed in facilities “like sardines” on blankets of foil. He even reported that several GOP senators, including himself, were asked to remove photos they’d taken of the migrant facilities while on their trip.

He also tells Bartiromo of the troubling testing procedures that are being done by Customs and Border Protection agents. Rather than immediate testing upon arrival, kids are getting tested only when they leave the facilities.

“They need immediate testing. And then the positives that have been tested have just moved to one side of the courtyard, negative for the other part of the courtyard. They’ve all been exposed, and then they’re being sent all over the country,” Sen. Barrasso said.

VP Harris was put in charge by President Biden of handling the crisis at the border but has not made any plans herself to visit. She even laughed at a reporter who asked if she’d be visiting the southern border soon and responded “not today.” Others have strongly opposed her being put in charge of the crisis, including Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy who compared her record on immigration to “making El Chapo the drug czar.” A reporter recently asked White House Press secretary Jen Psaki how Harris would look into the root causes of immigration problems if she doesn’t even travel to the border.

“I don’t have an update on her travel, but since you gave me the opportunity, it’s important to understand and know that she is focused on addressing root causes in the region, and so travel I would expect to be there,” Psaki replied.

Barrasso went on to call this “both a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis.” He shared that the numbers are the highest in the history of unaccompanied minors currently in captivity and points out the irony of the left-wing agenda that wants law-abiding Americans to walk around vaccine passports while letting people across the border without even requiring I.D.

While putting a gag order on border agents and forcing senators to delete the pictures they take in migrant facilities, the Biden Administration is trying to hide this from the American public – and it won’t work for much longer.

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