Stop with Scare Tactics, London Shows Hope

Listen to the news long enough and the Biden administration will convince you that normal is a long way away. Listen to Dr. Fauci and he’ll tell you that it could be years before we get to get rid of our masks – whether we’re vaccinated or not.

The scare tactics are what’s preventing the United States from getting it all under control. There are too many mixed messages being sent.

Don’t wear a mask. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Don’t get vaccinated. We’re not going to track you. Wait, you need a vaccine passport.

Stop it. Stop it all.

There are countries that are offering hope.

London has actually recorded “Zero COVID-19 deaths” for the first time in six months.

Data released by Public Health England shows that there were no deaths from the coronavirus in London for those who had a positive coronavirus test over the past 28 days.

London was one of the top epicenters of the pandemic during the first wave. They’ve also seen a significant amount of the recorded COVID deaths across the country.

They’ve seen their spikes. They’ve seen lockdown.

They’ve also maintained a consistent message: Let’s follow the rules and we’ll get through this together.

How is it that we’re the United States and, yet, we can’t offer a united message as well as England can?

An intensive care doctor at the University College Hospital offered a sign of hope, too. There are only seven patients in the ICU unit, and they’re all expected to make a full recovery.

The drop is encouraging enough for doctors to feel as though its’ time to shift the focus to other ailments that have been sidelined. One doctor talks about the backlog for those who need cancer treatments, hip replacements, and more.

This is something that few talk about in the United States. Tune into any health show. Log into any health website. Everyone is talking about COVID-19. However, just because there is a global pandemic doesn’t mean that other health conditions cease to exist.

People deserve to get better. People deserve to get the treatment they need. This is the case regarding all health conditions, not just COVID.

The Biden administration doesn’t want to offer hope. Dr. Fauci wants to continue using scare tactics.

The question is…why?

Well, with news that the Biden White House is working toward a vaccine passport, it appears that it’s all about control. If they can keep Americans scared, it allows them to exert more control over us.

What they didn’t anticipate is that there are other countries delivering more positive signs.

Look…just across the pond, London has gotten everything under control. The hospitals are going to stay at the ready for a third wave, but they’re hoping that they can start to get back to everyday life.

Additionally, London is preparing for the announcement that they will be opening up for Easter. Would you look at that – there really is light at the end of all of this.

As news comes out about a major epicenter figuring out the key to reporting zero COVID deaths, we should be celebrating. We should be looking for the same thing in our country.

Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci wants to focus on doom and gloom. The Biden administration wants to keep pushing the vaccine without giving us any kind of incentive as to how things are going to get better any time soon.

We need the media to show off that there are good things happening – and the story of what London has accomplished should be inspirational. Now, we need to see cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and elsewhere in the U.S. reporting similar rates.

Let’s be united for real. We’re the United States of America. At the very least, we should be united on how to overcome the pandemic and how to move on with our lives for the better.

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