Is VP Harris Really That Close To Gov. Cuomo?

Do you remember when then-Senator Kamala Harris led a crusade against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and joined a group of lawmakers demanding former Democratic Sen. Al Franken step down after facing allegations of sexual misconduct? Now, she’s facing ‘double standard’ calls and harsh criticism over her continued silence on Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo, who is facing seven accusations of sexual harassment claims. Just goes to show that the ‘Me Too’ movement was nothing but a farce.

Vice President Harris recently gave a speech at a United Nations commission on the ‘Status of Women’ and talked about the strength of feminism around the world, making several references to ‘democracy’ and how the empowerment of women depends on it. “The status of democracy also depends fundamentally on the empowerment of women, not only because the exclusion of women in decision making is a marker of a flawed democracy, but because the participation of women strengthens democracy,” she said.

She also quoted Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous line, “Without equality, there can be no democracy,” noting that the United States must work hard to improve both. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s communications director, Karoline Leavitt, called out the hypocrisy of VP Harris for ‘lauding herself as a feminist and champion for women and girls,’ while remaining silent as the most powerful woman in America on one of her political allies. Harris made the list of “Top 10 Feminist Moments of 2020” for her presidential election victory speech after breaking multiple barriers on becoming the first woman, and woman of color, to hold a position in office. Yet, the “first woman, and woman of color to hold a position” has remained quiet on the stacks of allegations against Cuomo. So much for wielding that power.

Others, including Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, also pointed out how Harris has refused to answer anything related to the Cuomo scandal and has flat out ignored the questions related to it while speaking to reporters. On March 11, Harris was asked by one reporter “Madam Vice President, do you have any comment on Gov. Cuomo?” before silently walking away.

“She is a fraud, a phony, a woman without a moral core. A woman who stands up for all women unless they are accusing a member of her political party unless it works to her political benefit. …this is certainly not the kind of woman we need running this country as President,” Pirro said.

At this point, we’ve learned that the entire message of the Me Too Movement was not “Believe all women,” but rather “Only believe all women sexually abused by a Republican.” VP Harris has remained one of the most transparent phonies in modern-day politics. Even President Joe Biden finally broke his long-term silence over the allegations against Cuomo and praised the seven women for coming forward, telling ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos that he’ll probably end up being prosecuted.

High-profile New York Democrats, including Sens. Chuch Schumer and Mayor Bill de Blasio, along with state Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, have launched impeachment investigations against the governor. But where’s VP Harris? Off giving some speech about the ‘empowerment of women.’ Typical.

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