Psaki’s Sarcasm Isn’t Sitting Well with Reporters

Jen Psaki may be the White House Press Secretary, but she never really says anything when she takes to the podium. She’s sarcastic, she’s rude, and she’s on the nerve of every press reporter in D.C.

Reporters continue to ask the same thing – where is Joe Biden? The American public has a right to know where the president is. Since he hasn’t made a presidential press briefing yet, it’s a question that will continue to be asked.

Psaki tries to dodge the questions, but reporters are growing tired of it all. She’s non-committal, at best. Recently, she has said “before the end of the month” but still fails to provide a date or any specifics.

Reporters have been saying that Biden is avoiding them.

Every reporter is waiting for what’s going to happen when Biden finally takes to the podium when he has to experience a barrage of questions. He won’t have a teleprompter, and he’ll have to answer in the spur of the moment with hundreds of cameras on him.

Psaki tries to debunk the “avoidance” claim by saying that Biden has taken questions from reporters at least 40 times. She goes on to say how he’s very busy taking care of “The People’s Business.”

So, talking to the press isn’t his first priority? Is that what she’s actually saying?

It’s so hard to understand any of what the press secretary says because it’s all dripping with sarcasm. She has a way of almost making the press feel bad because they dared to try to get a question in with the president when he’s trying to run a country.

However, there’s one thing that she seems to forget.

Every single reporter knows that asking a question as the president is walking from one location to another is not the same as a press briefing. A question on the fly isn’t formal. Americans want to see Biden in a formal Q&A session.

Oh, but Biden’s taken questions at least 40 times. That, apparently, is supposed to shut the reporters up. Psaki thinks that they should be grateful for the one or two questions they may have been able to ask the president in passing.

It’s not good enough. And everyone knows it.

Psaki keeps saying “40 times” as though that’s a significant number. Considering he’s already put in about 50 days, he hasn’t even answered a question a day since taking office.

So, no, Ms. Psaki, that isn’t enough.

The press briefings have been getting a bit more indignant. The reporters want access to the president for a formal presidential briefing, and they’re getting tired of Psaki’s sarcastic comments.

Psaki takes an incredulous tone as if to say, “What more do you want from him?”

The reality is that the American people want Biden to be a president. He’s yet to prove to America that he can be the voice that we need. Impromptu Q&As in passing are not the same as a formal speech.

Every other president in the past 40 years would have held a speech already. Every day that passes that Biden doesn’t do a presidential press briefing is another day where we have to wonder what’s really going on.

One reporter finally got on Psaki’s last nerve when she asked when the president will be subjected to more extensive questioning.

Psaki responded with “I don’t know if you’ll see him more than 40 times a month but I’m happy to ask him that question.”

What kind of response is that? Seeing him 40 times as he moves between buildings and seeing him address the nation in a formal presidential press briefing is not the same thing. If Psaki doesn’t understand that, it’s time to get a new Press Secretary in place, and right away.

Until then, as Psaki hits the press with her sarcastic and exasperated responses, it leaves everyone wondering what’s really going on with President Joe Biden.

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