The Mess at the U.S.-Mexico Border is Bigger Than the Biden Administration Wants to Admit

One of the first things that Biden did when entering the Oval Office was to sit down and write executive orders that canceled what President Trump had done. This means that all of the hard work done to keep the U.S.-Mexico border under control has been undone.

Now, the problem is growing out of control – and the Biden administration wants to pretend as though it’s all fine.

There are a lot of unaccompanied children at the border. Often, this is done to try to push the kids across so that the parents can come to claim them later on. It is also done so that they can join family members that have already secured themselves a place in the U.S.

Alicia Acuna of Fox News had the question of whether it’s a challenge or a crisis at the border. She’s spoken to both Republican and Democratic congressmen to get the answer.

Henry Cuellar, a Texas Representative with the Democratic Party shared that the real number of unaccompanied children at the border has not actually been shared by the Biden administration.

Cuellar explained that it didn’t matter whether it was called a challenge or a crisis. He talked about how the problem is only getting worse. The numbers started increasing in August of last year during the Trump administration. Since Biden talked about an easier time for illegal aliens, the number has been on the rise.

Whether it started under Trump or not is beside the point. The reality is that it is now Biden’s problem to deal with – and he’s not dealing with it in a way that is effective.

Cuellar explained that “those numbers of people being released, they’re purposefully withholding that information.” The Representative went on to explain that there was an influx of approximately 100,000 predicted for the month of February.

They’re not being sent back across the border to Mexico. Some are being held captive at the detention centers. Others are being released into the communities in Texas – to the tune of thousands.

Cuellar said that he’s well aware of the fact that they’re bringing them in from McAllen, processing them in Laredo, and will release them into his community.

This is a problem. Cuellar is only talking about a small percentage of the problem. The Biden administration is understating the numbers, which means that they’re reporting significantly lower numbers than what the reality is.

The problem is that the U.S. is unprepared to handle this kind of surge in migrants. If the numbers continue to rise month after month, how many are going to be released into the border cities of the U.S.? There could be thousands of new illegal aliens in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

That’s going to be a significant burden on the governments. And what about the illegal aliens who want to take away jobs from Americans? And those who cannot support themselves? And those who break the laws?

There’s a lot that happens when migrants are released into the U.S. This doesn’t even take into consideration that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic.

Meanwhile, there are unaccompanied minors coming in through the borders, too. Since they’re unaccompanied, they’re placed into detention centers. For lack of a better word, the children are placed into cages. Had it been done during the Trump administration, the president would have been roasted. Now, the Democrats are accepting it as something that simply has to be done because of immigration problems.

Since taking office, Joe Biden has only made the immigration problems at the U.S.-Mexico border worse. The best thing that he could have done would have been to keep Trump’s policies in place and keep building the wall. And for any to say that walls don’t work, they might want to think about that as they have a wall up around the Capitol Building at the moment.

It won’t get better until it gets much worse – and at that point, there may be so many migrants running loose in the country that it will be too late.

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