Fauci Tries to Reason with Texans After Governor Lifts Mask Mandate

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas made a decision that treated residents of the state as adults. He lifted the mask mandate to identify that there would be no state requirement for mask-wearing. Does this mean that masks are being burned in town squares? Of course not.

All across the state, individuals and businesses are deciding whether they want to wear masks. They’re making the decisions. The government isn’t forcing them.

Wow, a sign of freedom.

Dr. Fauci is panicking. This is not what he recommended. This is not what the Biden administration wants. Suddenly, people are gaining their freedoms back, so something has to be done.

President Biden has already gone on record for calling Abbott and the Mississippi governor who also lifted the mask mandate “Neanderthals.”

When Dr. Fauci took the seat on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” he said that he advised continuing implementing the public health measures. He reiterated “Now is not the time to pull back.” He also reminded that more and more vaccines are coming online.

What Fauci and others don’t understand is that Texas and Mississippi made the choice to allow businesses to reopen. They eliminated the state’s mask mandates. This provides a choice.

Now, many counties within each state are choosing to continue with mask mandates. Even businesses have chosen to keep the mask requirement in place.

It is a choice. Those in Texas and Mississippi are finally given a choice. That’s all anyone really wants. Even those who don’t want to wear masks are still wearing them because they know it’s capable of offering protection. However, as soon as they feel that it’s safe to remove it, they will. Why? They have the choice to do so, rather than waiting for the state to make it acceptable.

But…but…but…their economies might recover. Yes, that is certainly the hope. The Democrats want to keep everyone and everything in lockdown so that they become more dependent on the government.

Shouldn’t we be trying to encourage exactly the opposite? We’ve seen California, New York, and other states be locked down to the fullest for months. They’re out of money. They’re begging the government for handouts, and it’s why a multi-trillion-dollar deal is being passed by Congress.

Americans shouldn’t have to pay taxes to cover the failures of state governments. As Americans, we have freedoms. The government shouldn’t tell us how we can choose to be safe. We know the risks of COVID because Dr. Fauci has been shoving them down our throats over the past year. With more states choosing to lift mask mandates, it gives us back certain freedoms.

Both Biden and press secretary Jen Psaki have criticized the governors because they have “ignored the science.” Have they, though? The reality is that if people think that there’s a risk, they’ll take the necessary precautions. The reality is that the curve is coming down and vaccines are becoming more readily available.

For months, Biden criticized Trump because there wasn’t a sufficient plan to deal with the pandemic. Now that Biden is in the hot seat, he has said that it’s impossible to have a plan.

At least there are governors willing to do something to help. They’re looking to provide freedoms and get the economies back on track.

Look at California. They’ve been in lockdown for months and they have some of the highest COVID rates. Could it be that Dr. Fauci just isn’t that good at his job? Perhaps the Democrats really are using the pandemic as a way to keep us in lockdown and make us more dependent on the government.

Regardless of their plans, the red states are fighting back. Texas and Mississippi are among the first to open everything back up. As their numbers stay in line, it’s only a matter of time before more states decide to tune out Dr. Fauci’s frantic pleas. Governors will choose to be called Neanderthals and open the states because they know it’s the best option for their economies and for their residents.

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