Liberals Play Tug of War with Law and Order as They Continue to Mess Things Up

Democrats at every level of politics around America are finding out that what they believed to be a correct course of action is not as pleasing as they thought it would be. When George Floyd was killed, the liberals saw this as their chance to try and make some radical changes. But what they thought would be great ideas turned out to be the worst things they could ever do to their regions.

In Minneapolis, the liberal city leaders thought it would be a great idea to cater to a minority of people who thought the police were the enemy. The city leaders thought that the best way to punish law enforcement was to take away their funding. But what they failed to realize is that they would start a landslide of issues with their choice to defund police.

The liberal leaders voted unanimously to take apart the police force. When that choice was deemed unreasonable, they discovered that the only thing they could do was vote for a massive cut to their budget. So, they took $8 million.

Their royal idea backfired in their faces as the 12 ignorant leaders watched as violent crime raced through the city. When victims called the police, there was no one to answer those calls.

The Democrats thought they had all the answers to the issues surrounding crime in their towns. But when it came down to it, they knew nothing about what their choices would do to the population. Liberals never think things all the way through. They think about their emotions and react to those feelings.

As the wave of consequence came rolling to their chambers, the city council reacted again and was forced to put $6.4 million back into the police budget. But the price of their stupidity was already paid. People had been assaulted, and lives changed forever because of the decision of 12 people to bow to the whims of a violent protest.

The only way to control crime and violence is to enforce the laws that are laid out for everyone to follow. The city leaders should have seen that the answer to stopping the crime was not to cut funding but rather to increase it.

They needed to put more cops out on the streets so the current officers are not overworked. No one knows the reason why one man stood on the neck of another. But if stress and fatigue caused him to stop thinking, then time off may have kept things from going too far, and George Floyd would still be alive.

Liberals live to the extreme. Instead of taking a balanced approach to the issue, they love to one end of the spectrum. In this case, they decided to get rid of all the police because of one bad cop. They could not see that there would arise a greater evil without law enforcement than what already exists on the streets.

Tim Donner states that “The left has done this while, in typical one-step fashion, obviously not even considering the immediate, disastrous consequences of their scorched-earth proposals. But you can bet the criminals have. And no doubt they are liking what they see. Hey, criminals are people too. They have needs. They desire the best possible working conditions like the rest of us. Who would not want a workplace free of the stress of oversight?”

Each time a Democrat makes a decision based on feeling, the end is never a happy moment. The mayor of Seattle thought it would be a great idea to let the violence continue and even praised them for their efforts. But when it came to their home, they quickly changed their minds and started to fight back to stop the violence.

The lesson that stands to be learned is that the Democrats cannot be trusted with the safety and security of the United States. Joe Biden is a significant problem for America right now because he does not stop to think about what 25,000 illegals will do to legal citizens trying to make ends meet for their families.

It is always the little people that suffer the most when a liberal makes a stupid decision. Democrats do not care about consequences until they affect them. And then they cry that change must take place, so it never happens again.

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