Mayor’s Weird Dance Party Is Driving Everyone Out Of New York

Seems like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio wanted to bring arts to the city and hide the tragic nursing home numbers released in a bombshell report from Cuomo’s top aide. The NYC Mayor’s Office official Twitter account issued a statement that live performances are back to New York City. “Our streets will be filled with music, performances, and dances thanks to our #OpenCulture program. Applications open March 1,” they wrote.

Open Culture allows ticketed one-day performance permits for arts and cultural institutions, as well as entertainment venues and artists to showcase their talent.

At over 100 street locations throughout all five boroughs, applicants can apply “to qualify” for performances in front of a live audience. Applicants must be a member of the DCLA Cultural Institutions Group or any of the Cultural Development Funds.

Permits are limited to a duration of 12 hours and must start no earlier than 9 am and end no later than 10 pm. The website wrote that “additional restrictions” on event duration and sound are based on the location and consultation with other agencies.

The tweet regarding applications was posted on February 14, 2021, and includes a link for Open Culture applications. There was a one-minute video attached of Mayor Bill de Blasio talking about the arts and culture. He emphasized how the “essence of New York City” has not been defeated by the coronavirus. Left-leaning politicians are getting desperate with their own political image and touting unity. It was their mandated government lockdowns that “defeated” cities in the first place.

The video featured mask-wearing dancers who were doing performances and interpretative jumps around in the street. “If we really want to bring back the heart and soul of New York City, we need our arts and culture back, and we need people to see it and feel it, to participate in it,” de Blasio explains.

The video received over 3,000 comments and a mere 900 likes. A majority of the commenters were turned off by the event and said it was another reason to leave New York. Popular podcaster Joe Rogan even tweeted the video simply adding, “How the f**** is this a real thing.”

Retired defense department operative Tony Shaffer even suggested that De Blasio needs to be recalled. “The NYPD is defunded, people are dying from increased crime rates, @BilldeBlasio targets for harassment Jewish communities, he has destroyed small business and restaurants in the city — and all he does is promote interpretive dance,” he wrote.

Radical left politicians have destroyed small businesses and forced people out of their cities in droves while providing the solution of a government-funded dance party. If that’s not the ultimate red flag, I don’t know what it.

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