DeSantis Sends Clear Message to People That Love to Wear Diapers on Their Faces

Super Bowl Sunday was supposed to have been a relaxing day for all Americans. Everyone was supposed to forget all of their troubles for one day and enjoy the last major football game of the season. That is usually the case until the Democrats get in the way.

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, was peacefully watching the game from his personal box when Democratic nut case Mary Trump took a moment to politicize the fact that he was not wearing a mask at the game. She was screaming and making a scene that DeSantis should be arrested for what she calls “crimes against humanity.”

Liberal assassins were quick to take pictures and post them all over social media. The pictures sent all the liberals into a feeding frenzy as they looked for answers and ways to punish DeSantis for not wearing a diaper on his face.

The entire issue is blown out of proportion because the ignorant liberals are not educated on Florida law and mask-wearing. DeSantis never mandated masks and stated that people could not be charged and fined for not wearing one. This regulation makes it next to impossible for cities and counties to enforce any local ordinances that they may have.

Most cities do have mask mandates but have included exclusions in their rules. And for all practical reasoning, there is nothing that any law enforcement officers could do to enforce the rules because they are not enforceable by state law.

Some of the exclusions include that masks are not required where social distancing is able to be done. DeSantis was in a room with one other person, and there was no one else around. They indeed were not sitting on each other’s laps. There was no need for them to be wearing a liberal diaper on their faces.

The liberals that attacked DeSantis tried to make the country believe that world war three had begun. They think that the end of the world is going to happen because two men did not cover their mouths around each other.

DeSantis has moved to leave the state open and mask free. Interestingly, his decisions are why Florida is doing better than most other states of similar size. These other states, such as California and New York, all are on lockdown. And their numbers are far worse than the Sunshine state.

Ron DeSantis flourishes when the media seeks to destroy him. He always has the perfect answer and the plan of attack to deal with the insanity of the Democratic Party. He did not wait for the liberals to question him about the picture. He brought it up and stated, “Someone said, ‘hey, you were at the Super Bowl without a mask’ … but how the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with a mask on? Come on. I had to watch the Bucs win.”

His answer shows the insanity of the liberals and their fear pushing methods. Other national leaders would have come up with some pathetic excuse and dragged the issue out for days. But DeSantis put the remarks in the trash can and went on with his day. He was not about to let the liberals have their day with his fun.

The liberals ignore the science behind the virus and how it spreads. Most of the time, it spreads in homes and not in public places. Science has shown that the safest place to be is outside. And there is nothing proven that wearing a mask outside is going to improve the chances of staying healthy.

DeSantis did not fall into the liberal’s trap. Instead, he gave them a knockout punch that will help the Democrats keep their big mouths shut for another time. The liberals were left picking themselves up off the floor with the way the wise governor handled their fictitious accusations.

DeSantis is another person that the left does not want to rise to power. They know that he is another Donald Trump that will destroy any liberal that he runs against. He knows how to handle the left and how to keep the media from making a mockery of his decisions that have all been right.

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