11 Iranians Arrested Infiltrating US-Mexico Border

Border security is national security.

By weakening our border security, the Biden Administration and the Democrats are making America less safe.

The Democrats would like to have you think that ANY enforcement of United States law along the U.S-Mexico border is racist, fascist, intolerably cruel, et cetera, et cetera…You get the picture.

Not only is this characterization wrong, it’s dangerous.

The Democrats are more concerned about importing illegal immigrants who they think they can convert into loyal voters than they are concerned about protecting American citizens and the United States homeland.

Never forget: the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon may be 20 years in our rearview mirror now, but terrorists around the world haven’t stopped plotting and trying to penetrate America’s defenses so that they can strike us again.

Securing America’s land borders, ports, and other points of entry remains CRITICAL to U.S. national security.

When the Biden Administration and the Radical Left Democrats open our borders it won’t just be poor, huddled masses from Central America and Mexico flooding in.

Terrorists, spies, and other enemy agents from foreign countries WILL use the lax security and absence of border enforcement to infiltrate our country and harm America. When the Democrats and Joe Biden attack immigration laws, U.S. Border Patrol, and our heroic agents on the frontlines, they are putting America at risk and our communities in danger.

In this latest incident of an illegal border crossing, 11 Iranian nationals were arrested by U.S. Border Patrol after trying to jump the border in San Luis, Arizona.

U.S. Border Patrol agents determined that the Iranians entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico – thanks, Mexico! Such a good neighbor.

The event occurred in the Yuma Sector of the border, an area that the U.S. Border Patrol reports as regularly encountering illegal aliens from “Special Interest Countries” such as Iran and other countries that harbor terrorists and oppose American interests.

Trump Administration-led enforcement efforts in Texas and California have pushed illegal aliens to attempt border crossings in Arizona.

The United States is a country of laws. Illegal immigration cuts at the core of the social compact among American citizens.

Not only does the Radical Left’s support for open borders endanger the national security of our homeland, but it also endangers the sacred right to vote for U.S. citizens with places like California allowing illegal immigrants to vote in elections.

“One citizen one vote” means nothing if immigration laws aren’t enforced.

Not only are Joe Biden and the Democrats endangering national security, flouting the U.S. Constitution, and destroying faith in the American government, but they are also ripping at the fabric of our nation.

Social trust among Americans has plummeted in the past decades. One of the key drivers of this collapse in trust is illegal immigration.

Hardworking American citizens have paid taxes only to see illegal immigrants get free healthcare, free education, free housing, and other ludicrous benefits. Meanwhile, those same taxpaying Americans are bled dry for unaffordable healthcare costs, have their children denied educational opportunities, and bear the brunt of the system the Radical Left has rigged for illegal immigrants.

It’s possible that even rock-ribbed conservatives would be open to some of the Democrats’ more expansive social welfare programs – if only we knew who was actually in our country. Legal immigrants are participants in the American social contract, paying taxes and obeying the law.

Americans are an understanding, compassionate, and generous people. We are the most charitable people in the world, giving more donations to charities than any other country in the world.

Though we still lead the world, charitable giving by Americans has dipped in recent years. It’s hard to be charitable when you’re living hand to mouth and just trying to make ends meet.

A corrupt Washington D.C. establishment has spent the past two decades raping Middle America and plundering hard-working American families. Rampant Washington D.C. corruption, the 2008 financial crisis, insane draconian lockdowns under COVID-19, and other factors have made it harder for American families.

America is a country of laws. It starts with border security. Without enforcement of border security, America is lawless and less safe.

The Biden Administration and the Radical Left Democrats are destroying the fabric of America for political gain and their push for open borders will invite the next terrorist attack on the United States.

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