Unhinged Nancy Claims Republicans in Congress Are out to Murder Her (Video)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke on Thursday morning and her speech was something else. She is claiming that the Republican members of Congress have been making violent threats towards her and her Democrat cohorts.

Why is Nancy so paranoid these days? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that she clearly committed voter fraud, would it?

To be fair, we doubt that Nancy is smart enough to hatch these types of schemes on her own. She was just the front man while the rest of the party ran amok. Maybe if you didn’t steal the Senate and the White House, you wouldn’t be so worried. It’s just a thought. There are thousands of troops stationed at the Capitol and still, she persists.

“The enemy is within the House of Representatives,” she claims. She said this in a clear reference to her fellow lawmakers. This is the type of unhinged rhetoric that happens when someone is too comfortable and too privileged to know what real oppression.

She claims to be scared for her life and yet she is not willing to name a single name.

Rep. Lauren Boebert was the target of her ire, though, make no mistake about that. Pelosi the coward won’t call her out by name but this is exactly who she is referring to. Boebert has decided that she is more comfortable having her firearm with her on the Hill. Pelosi has probably never addressed her in person about these concerns but she is willing to put on a show anyway.

That’s all this is about.

It’s catnip for the far left, so they can now justify their thievery. You see, it had to be done so that they could save the government from the murderous Republicans. Pelosi was not done there, either.

She also claimed that the Trump speech from three weeks ago is responsible for all of this.

He specifically called for law and order but the facts never matter to the Democrats. “We have members of Congress that want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress,” Pelosi continued to claim. If she is so scared, she should start naming names then.

These games that are being played right now do not help anyone at all. All they do is rile up the left and give them license to act like jerks.

TPM Livewire also shared a video of her speech. “While addressing members’ security concerns, Pelosi says that they’ll need additional protective measures when “the enemy is inside the House of Representatives”, she whined. This is all a bunch of nonsense and she needs to be held accountable for it.

Remember when Trump was president and everything that he said needed to be held under the microscope? It’s funny how no one wants to do that anymore now that the Democrats have control of the White House. The same people who wanted him to be taken to task are the ones who are now fine with this type of crazy talk from Nancy.

That’s just what Nancy does, though. She is not here to make sense or offer any sort of helpful service. She just says things and hopes that her party members are willing to go along with it.

So far, she has been right. We just wish that she had the courage to say all of this to people directly. Why do all of the grandstanding when you can just get to the point?

Someone tell her to worry about her expensive ice cream collection and her kente cloth. It’s time to leave the rest of us alone. These types of statements may get the lefties all worked up but anyone who pays a bit of attention has to be rolling their eyes.

While there is not much that can be done about this round of insanity, we are hoping that Nancy buys herself a clue eventually.

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