Biden’s Physician Explains Why Parkinson’s Expert Visited White House

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, a physician for President Joe Biden, explained why Dr. Kevin Cannard, a neurologist specializing in treating Parkinson’s disease, had visited the White House eight times within the past eight months.

O’Connor explained in a letter that since 2012, Cannard has been serving as the “Neurology Consultant” for the White House Medical Unit (WHMU), adding that he has regularly hosted “Neurology Clinics at the White House Medical Clinic” in an effort to “support of the thousands of active-duty members assigned in support of White House operations.”

“Dr. Cannard has been the Neurology Consultant to the White House Medical Unit since 2012. He was chosen for his breadth of experience and expertise across the specialty of Neurology,” O’Connor wrote. “Prior to his Movement Disorders fellowship at Emory University, he had practiced as a general neurologist for six years. He is the longest serving Neurologist at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and in the Military Healthcare System.”

O’Connor continued to note that Cannard has “numerous local and national teaching awards, and is highly regarded for his clinical skills,” adding that “these qualities make him a valued and versatile consultant to assess and treat a wide variety of conditions.”

“Prior to the pandemic, and following its end, he has held regular Neurology Clinics at the White House Medical Clinic in support of the thousands of active-duty members assigned in support of White House operations,” O’Connor’s letter adds. “Many military personnel experience neurological issues related to their service, and Dr. Cannard regularly visits the WHMU as part of this General Neurology practice.”

The letter from O’Connor comes after recently released White House visitor logs showed that Cannard had made eight visits to the White House between July 2023 and March 2024.

Earlier on Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced a heated press briefing as she was hit with questions from reporters asking why Cannard had visited the White House several times over the course of the past few months.

While Jean-Pierre did not confirm the name of the specialist who had visited the White House, she confirmed that Biden had seen a neurologist “three times” during his time in office.

“As I have written in each of the President’s medical reports, as part of the President’s annual physical, he sees a team of specialists that have included Optometry, Dentistry, Orthopedics (Foot and Ankle), Orthopedics (Spine), Physical Therapy, Neurology, Sleep Medicine, Cardiology, Radiology, and Dermatology,” O’Connor added. “Dr. Cannard was the neurological specialist that examined President Biden for each of his annual physicals. His findings have been made public each time I have released the results of the President’s annual physical. President Biden has not seen a neurologist outside of his annual physical.”

O’Connor was recently requested to appear before the House Oversight Committee to take part in a “transcribed interview” over concerns that his “medical assessments” of the president may “have been influenced” as a result of his “private business” involvements with the Biden family.

In the aftermath of Biden’s performance at the presidential debate on June 27 against former President Donald Trump, several Democratsdonors, and voters have floated the idea of replacing Biden and have questioned if he is able to serve another term as president.

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