Does Joe Biden Have America’s Allies Spooked Ahead of the NATO Summit?

America’s European allies are, it seems, sharing some of the concerns that American Democrats and a good number of the American people have about the sitting president, namely, that he’s no longer functional. Oh, he can stand upright and make mouth noises, but Joe Biden is the commander-in-chief of the world’s most powerful military (which remains so despite Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s best attempts to neuter it) and he is the man who has his finger on the big nuclear bang-button. So it’s easy to understand why folks in NATO may be a little concerned.

One wonders if a big part of the reason that NATO prefers befuddled old Joe Biden is that President Trump needled them to live up to their NATO-required defense budgeting. It’s hard to see any other reason for preferring the dementia-riddled Joe Biden over Trump when the primary purpose of NATO is deterrence; deterrence only works, after all, if there is strength behind it, and there is no strength left in Biden or his administration.

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Quite a few European leaders are worried.

This, folks, is known as belaboring the obvious. Yes, Houston, we have a problem; our president, the supposed leader of the free world, the leader of the nation whose military will have to do the heavy lifting in any conflict involving NATO, is non compos mentis. That is a problem, and not all of NATO’s representatives were so bold as to speak openly about it – why?

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And just wait until you get a load of the schedule Joe Biden will be expected to keep.

Oh, for the love of Pete. Are Biden’s people really going to let him do this? Did none of them watch the first presidential debate or old Joe’s disastrous interview with George Stephanopoulos, the Clinton creature that nevertheless actually pressed the president on a few points? But as far as the NATO summit schedule goes, it only gets worse from there:

That’s rather a long quote block, but it’s all important; look at that schedule, and picture the Joe Biden from the debate, from the Stephanopoulos interview, or any of his public appearances since, and ask yourself if he’ll be able to make this happen. This dinner will blow past his sundowning hour; there is just no way this won’t result in a major embarrassment for the United States. It’s bad enough when he’s just embarrassing us here at home, but now he’s going to be embarrassing us in front of all of our NATO allies. And some of those allies are making some rather pointed remarks, even if some are doing it anonymously.

Yes, because Trump will start insisting that you live up to your treaty obligations concerning your defense budgets. Uncle Sam isn’t your sugar daddy, Europe; figure it out.

Why should the U.S. lead on this? Is this not Europe’s problem? Why should NATO be involved? If a NATO nation is attacked, we have treaty obligations, but no NATO country is involved here. We can argue about support for Ukraine all day, but why must the U.S. lead this effort? 


No s**t, Sherlock. Trust me, we’re concerned too; we’re concerned by the fact that the President of the United States is arguably the most powerful man on the planet, and the current occupant of that chair is utterly incapable of the job. In a fair world, in a world where President Biden’s family actually cared about him and in which Washington pols cared more about what was good for the country and not what was good for the Biden family’s myriad bank accounts or the Democratic Party’s grasp on power, a delegation would have gone to Joe Biden by now to insist he not only step away from his reelection campaign but resign the presidency, for the good of the country.

It’s not as though his understudy is much more capable, but even so, it’s past time the Democrats did the right thing for the right reasons for once – for the good of the country, old Joe’s gotta go.

NATO is worried by the prospect of Trump 2, The Wrath of Trump. But they’re worried that Donald Trump, with his focus on domestic matters, will insist NATO start taking care of some of Europe’s problems on their own. Americans are worried that Joe Biden will stumble and fumble us into a major war. He’s already wrecked our economy and spent us unto penury. NATO is just going to have to get used to the idea that, when Americans vote in November, matters in Europe aren’t going to be very high on our list of concerns.

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