This Is the Way: Trump Vows to Cut Funding to Schools Pushing Trans or CRT Messaging

The once and (increasingly likely) future president Donald Trump made a promise on Tuesday that he would take immediate action on a problem that’s been long overdue for a solution. 

Speaking to the crowd of supporters in Racine, Wisconsin, Trump made a day-one promise to cut any federal funding to schools promoting Critical Race Theory or transgender ideology to children. 

“On day one, I will sign a new executive order to cut federal funding of any school pushing Critical Race Theory, transgender insanity, and other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political onto the lives of our children,” Trump said.

He even went a little further, indicating that any school still pushing vaccine mandates is going to meet his wrath as well. 

“I will not give one penny to a school that has a vaccine mandate or a mask mandate,” Trump continued. “And I will keep … some of these things [are] embarrassing to say … I will keep men out of women’s sports. Why would you have to say that? You go back 10-15 years, and somebody would say, ‘What’s that all about?’”

This is a promise that can’t be fulfilled fast enough. Public schools have become ideological leftist training grounds more than educational facilities, and have become one of the greatest risks to children’s mental health in our society. 

As I’ve been covering extensively, public schools have become breeding grounds for transgender and racial ideologies. The problem is so bad that teachers have attempted to hide their activities from parents, knowing that if they’re found out that the parents will act against them and spoil their plans. 

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Entire school boards have been removed and replaced by concerned parents after these parents discovered just what kind of radicalism their children were being subjected to. Many parents have become so fed up with the public school system that they’ve removed their children altogether, opting instead for home school or private school options. Red states like Florida have become hotbeds of anti-public school sentiment, causing Republican governors like Ron DeSantis to help parents in their quest to give their children a better learning experience outside the madness. 

One school district in California fired a teacher for not playing along with the left’s gender ideology game, and had to pay the teacher hundreds of thousands of dollars after she filed a lawsuit. This costs the district money that could otherwise go to the children for educational purposes, but they’re clearly more interested in pushing radical notions instead, and getting themselves in trouble. 

If Trump carries out his day-one promise, I anticipate two things happening. Firstly, many schools will comply and eliminate anything remotely resembling CRT and LGBT indoctrination. However, some schools will definitely fight back, attempting to use it as a political statement of resistance against Trump, who they will try to position as homophobic and bigoted for daring to tell them they can’t “help” LGBT children. It will be very similar to the “don’t say gay” reaction the left had to Ron DeSantis passing the “Parental Rights In Education” bill. 

But also anticipate some states, especially red states, will begin doing what Florida did, and begin moving the needle more toward alternative forms of education such as homeschooling or private schooling, making it easier for parents to get away from the dangers that public school poses to their children. 

Hopefully, this will lead to an entire revolution in education, ditching the old, outdated model we have today and replacing it with something more effective, but perhaps that’s still a way off. 

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